Notebook turning off, Not the fan or ventilation! HEEEELP!


Jun 20, 2016
Hello guys!
My notenook HP G42 I3 4ram win 8.1 started to just turn itself off. I came to this website and made my research about the subject and most of the answers were something about temperature and ventilation problems. I changed my notebook's fan and the some problem persists. So I think It may be RAM (2 x 2ram) so I tasted both of them and still turning off. It's not ventialtion because sometimes it turn itself off and the pc is not even hot. When I'm using the pc to normals tasks like web, it works fine but sometimes it turns off, but if I start to watch videos most of the times it turns off. Not right away but in around 1h max.

I really dont know what else to do. Help me Guys!

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First is to test the AC adapter and battery.
- Remove the battery off the laptop then connect just the AC adapter then see if it will stay on or not.
- If the laptop will not stay on as well that means it has something to do inside the laptop.
- Open it up again and remove the dust off the fans and apply new thermal paste on the CPU.
- Do also try a different AC adapter that is the same with yours and observe if the same problem will persist or not.

Hopefully this steps will help. :)