One side of my smart tv picture turn upside down


Not sure what you mean by "transparent upside down"? Are you able to post an image?

Make and model? New? Did the TV work before and just started doing "transparent upside down"?

Any known changes: firmware upgrade, cable, signal source?

Split screen options? Do you have the User Guide/Manual?

What signal source/input are you using? Are you able to try another TV or another source?

More information is needed.

Oct 27, 2017
Oh yes! I'm having exactly the same problem! Its like the screen is split left and right. Left is normal, while right side is upside down. And they merge over the centre third of the screen. The right side is also flickering.
Its a 55in kogan brand (Aust brand With i think and LG panel) Can't work out how to upload and image of it here...


Very unlikely that you, yourself, can do anything about it.

Check the manufacturer's website and forums. Look for similar complaints and other operational defects being reported.

Hopefully, you may be able to get a repair or replacement via a warranty of some sort.
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