Opening to clean CPU fan -> broke keyboard screw


Mar 25, 2015
Basically, I needed to open up a relative's laptop as the CPU fan needed a clean. I used a bigger screwdriver for the big screws and they all came out fine. Then got to the point where I needed to take off the keyboard but the screws were small, I didn't have a small screwdriver. I kept trying to screw them out but it didn't work.

I then bought a small screwdriver and took out a different one of the same size and it came out fine, then I tried the one I tried before and I realised it had become stripped, almost like a circle...

Here is a picture, by the way I don't have a drill.

By the way I don't mind if a screw can't go back in as a result.


Mar 26, 2006
One way is using pliers of some sort, according what can grab it. The other is a little more dangerous, drilling a small hole and a 2nd screw to grab it. (more of an expert thing).
If you cannot get any pliers to grab it, you might want to consider a computer store, some are trained to remove those types of screws. They might even have a replacement for it.


Mar 25, 2015

I was thinking I might as well take it to a computer store just to get that screw out, although the point of all this was to save a bit of money. How much do you reckon they would charge in pounds to take that screw out? I would rather they do it on the spot, it would make sense anyway.
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