partitions deleted on my Laptop L55-A5226 warrenty expired I know STUPID!! no recovery CD HELP


Nov 13, 2016
right now i have windows 7 trial running on it but want original media back or updated to 10 in came with 8.1 anywhere I can download it from? I wont pay Toshiba more money for a disk that should be in every pc when bought new. NOT EVERYONE KNOWS WE NEED TO MAKE A RECOVERY DISK! Come On Toshiba! Thanks in advance for help everyone.



The Windows 10 free update expired so you can't install that without purchasing a new license key. If you want the original setup you would either need to get it from Toshiba or find a set of recovery disks off ebay or a computer shop. You can get the base Windows 8 from Microsoft and activate it using the key on your laptop if it has one. Some system don't have one on the case for Windows 8, in that case, you need to contact Toshiba to see if they have a record of your key or buy a new Windows 10 license.