PCIe Wireless Card Disconnects When Laptop Sleeps?


Dec 27, 2015
For school I purchased an HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 7 and Vega 10. It works as intended except for one minor but very annoying problem- every time I close the lid and the laptop sleeps for more than a few minutes the wireless adapter becomes disconnected completely in the device manager. Another strange symptom is that the touch screen in the laptop stops working.

I have set the adapter not turn off to conserve power.

I have messed with advanced power settings to not affect the wireless adapter or PCIe ports.

Sleeping/Hibernating/Shutting Down then starting again fix this problem most of the time. Restarting does not.

I brought the laptop to bestbuy support about a week after I bought it and, of course, I couldn't replicate the problem for them. Since then I have moved off to college and my free geek squad help has expired. The laptop still works, it's just very annoying having to turn it off and back on multiple times every time I want to use it.

Any ideas?


Oct 31, 2015
Double check the adapter setting. If you go to CP>Device Manager>your network adapter>Power Management, the box for Allow this device to be turned off should be UNchecked. If this is the case, you might try changing your Power Plan advanced setting for the network adapter to "Maximum Performance." Also look in your UEFI and see if there is a network adapter or power management setting that may be turning it off.
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