Question People/Friends can hear my Youtube, Spotify and other Computer sounds

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Jun 26, 2020
When I'm in the call on Discord with my friends, they always complain of hearing my music, my Youtube videos, at first I thought they were joking, but when I went to the Discord settings > Video & Voice, i used the "Mic Test", and they were right, I wasn't talking and the bar was moving while my music was playing. At first I tried Googling the solutions myself, I tried all kinds of stuff, disabling Stereo Mic, reinstalling drivers, used different types of ports (Front and back), un checked "Listen to this device" in Control panel > Sounds, but nothing seems to work, my last solution is buying a cheap external USB sound card because it seems to work for some people, but that's the last thing i want to do, if anyone of you have had this problem and somehow fixed it, please share it.
Sep 17, 2020
I don't know if this will work for you but at least try it.
  • Go to Sound Settings (Windows 10)
  • Below the Troubleshoot, click Manage Sound Devices
  • (Strictly my case) There are 2 input devices
  • Disable the second one (if it didn't work, try the other. Leave one enabled, basically)
I'm sorry if this won't work but it did for me. Good luck!
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