Possible Virus; Unable to open .EXE's

Feb 14, 2018
So one night I had my computer in sleep mode then the power flickered on a off, shutting down my laptop because the battery in it is dead, so I have to have it plugged in all the time. So I thought nothing of it because this has happened before but as I restart it, I get several messages saying that several .exe's failed to load and on further inspection, I can't launch anything including my free version of AVG. Then I go to google the issue on Firefox and find out that it may be a possible virus then FireFox turns red, saying that this may be a bad website, etc, etc and I get several, at least 20 or so pop ups saying to enter something, I quickly restart my computer without reading into it because I'm freaking out at this point, never having anything like this happen before. I've scanned with Windows defender and it's said It's found a few Trojans and it says its removed them yet I still can't launch any .exe's. I'm considering whipping my computer at this point but I really don't want to do that considering all the memories I have on here. I've also tried a system restore but I was told that it failed due to some reason that I don't recall.

My computer is Windows 7.
Not sure what other information is needed to help.

Any help would be very appreciated.
Feb 14, 2018
Ok so I just preformed a system restore and my exe's are working again. Im not sure what caused that but anyways, any suggestions to make sure that there is nothing harmful on my computer still?

Currently scanning with AVG as well.

I'm not sure if Windows Defender could have picked up on AVG being a Trojan or not. I also was able to see where the apparent "Trojans" were and they were all located in several Adobe softwares on my computer and I am unsure if those could cause a possible conflict or mistake with Windows Defender considering that I've heard it isn't very good.
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