May 24, 2016
I love listening to music. Yet i want to improve my experience. Unfortunately I don't know much about building speaker set up. To this moment i've been listening on headphones such as "Monster Beats" and "Bose QC 20", I want to move on to better sound quality. At this point I don't have sound card, I will sell current speakers. Aha, and (if its important) I have gtx970, msi gaming 3 and i5 4690k.
I would be grateful if'd be able to help me :) . I have budget up to $5000

I am not native so please don't tie to grammar or spelling.

For a $5,000 speaker setup, head to a pro audio shop in your area and listen to what they have, they can also suggest an amp for the speakers to use with the computer. If you have a good quality motherboard you won't need a sound card, but since a good one is maybe $200 at the higher end, the cost is not much compared to the speakers so you may as well get one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829271007