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  1. L

    Wich laptop suites me!

    Hello, I am searching cheap laptop for: 1- browsing 2- watching movie. (720p) 3- programming ( only) Preferred HP or dell ( any other recommend are welcome ) 2nd or 3rd ,and would that affect ? Or make a difference to me ? Although I got dell e6440 4th gen, 8 gb ram Guide me...
  2. J

    I need help to choose between this 2 laptops of 1300-1600$

    Hi, Next year i'm going to the university to develop games. I need one laptop to work in class with game engines, etc. And, here is my doubt. I have a budget of about 1100-1350€ // 1299 - 1600$. I have been looking arround a tech page that we have here in spain, and i have found for that...
  3. K

    Need Serious Help With Recording Software

    So here are my specs to start things off. Cpu- ryzen 5 1600x Gpu - gtx 1050 ti Ram - 16 gb 2133 mhz ddr4 mobo - Msi b350 Tomahawk I have 2 hardrives an internal and an external for recordings. I've used just about any recording software you can think of OBS, Shadowplay, Action, PlayClaw...
  4. A

    Solved! Looking for a Laptop with good construction (no hinge issues), audio, and portability, form filled out

    1. What is your budget? $1000 or less 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" Screen 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920 x 1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable, I am a student and I take it everywhere 5. How much battery...
  5. P

    Please help me decide between two similiar laptops

    Hey community. Here’s my dillema. I have two laptops I am considering buying with virtually the same specs: - Dell Inspiron 5577 for $813 - HP pavilion power 15 for $980 Both are from amazon (here are links):
  6. S

    Which laptops are suitable?

    Hi. I'm looking for a new laptop. Found a few to my ideal top spec (but they all have little issues and/or unsure of quality) and one that I prefer over the rest, but would ideally like one that's a little cheaper and struggling to find one at the top spec for less or a slightly lower spec. I...
  7. M

    Solved! what beamer/projector should i buy?

    i have seen this one my budget is $250max im new to projectors and dont really need a 1080p 4k $100,000 projector i watch my tv shows on bad quality anyways but i see many projectors and...
  8. G

    Terrible audio quality from headset, not sure it's normal

    I bought a KMD Pro Gamer Headset for Xbox 360, which I'm using on a PC, plugged to my 360 wired controller. I do have audio playback and recording, but the sound quality is very very bad. I'm not one of those people that are highly attuned to sound quality, nor am I a big fan of great sound, but...
  9. J

    TV with best 1080p Picture for money (2016 edition)

    I saw this question posed a few years ago, but I had figured that enough has changed since then that it would be worth asking again. Basically, I already have a nifty little setup involving a 5.1 receiver, HTPC, and virtually everything else covered, so features like "Smart" TV, speaker...
  10. S

    New sound speakers

    I am looking to buy some new speakers so I wanted some help... I am between these two which one should I get...???
  11. P

    Logitech G933 vs Hyper x cloud 2?

    I care about comfort, sound quality, and having a good sounding microphone. I've heard great things about the clouds 2's but the only issue is that they are wired and the G933's are wireless. Im not really sure how to manage headset wires on my really clean setup, without having them look ugly...
  12. L

    Help me choose the best sounding speakers

    Hello guys i have found a pair of 2.1 speakers, almost the same price, but i don't really know what's the best, so i will need your help. The first one is this and the last one is this...
  13. E

    Advise from owner of Clevo P750DM-G

    I would like to ask for your knowledge specifically on durability, reliability, and quality of the unit. Regardless of brand(sager,ava,etc.) I am planning to get one of this and was more concern of the life span of the product, since this would be a big investment on my end. I would probably...
  14. T

    Debating which laptop to choose

    I am deciding which one of the following to purchase the price is irrelevant between them as its few £. First one is Lenovo y700 and is as follows: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4Gb dedicated graphics 16Gb RAM 17.3 inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080) 256Gb Solid State...
  15. V

    Quality Audio Devices

    Hi, I love listening to music. Yet i want to improve my experience. Unfortunately I don't know much about building speaker set up. To this moment i've been listening on headphones such as "Monster Beats" and "Bose QC 20", I want to move on to better sound quality. At this point I don't have...
  16. Intel Fanboy 772

    Need help choosing laptop for gaming /rendering.

    Hello all, been searching for laptop recently so as my old one cant keep up anymore, it will be used for general use HD movies, some gaming and also 3d modelling rendering. My budget is stretched to maximum 520 euros, but better if around 500 or less, I have 2 candidates for now (both under 500...
  17. T

    To Tom's fans, Need HELP 4 LAPTOP!

    I have always utilized this site to read up on good laptops and reviews, now I need your help since my laptop just died on me. I’m in the service now so I don’t play/have time for games anymore or fully utilize a laptop to its potential other than for work, internet browsing, skype, and movies...
  18. B

    Laptop (under 500$ or under 1000$)

    Hello everyone and thank you very much in advance for spending your precious time for answering or just reading my question. I find myself in a difficult dilemma, I don't want to spend many money for a gaming laptop since I already build a gaming desktop this summer but I don't even want to end...
  19. Bobbythedoggy

    Best Gaming Notebook

    What's the best gaming notebook for $1750 - $2000 (1750 preferably)? I want it to run all the latest games at medium to high settings and at a stable framerate.I want it to have a backlit keyboard(doesn't have to be RGB) a 17 inch screen and an i7 processor with good clock speeds and at least 8...
  20. L

    Which computer company makes the best gaming laptops?

    Hey I want to know what computer company makes the best quality gaming laptops which are worth their price and not too expensive? Thanks
  21. J

    Best Surface for a college student

    I am looking for help deciding on a low-end Surface Pro 3 or the upper tier Surface 3. The price after purchasing would be roughly the same at street value now, and I would like to hear some opinions from current college students, or those who carry the Surface Pro and/or Surface on a daily...
  22. E

    Lenovo Z Series or Dell Inspiron

    I've been looking at several options and I just cannot decide what computer to get. I want something that is good for medium computing, light gaming, watching movies and has decent battery life. I also need to it to be reliable, and preferably less than $900 with an extended warranty. I've...
  23. C

    Sager vs Gigabyte

    I'm trying to decide between the GIGABYTE P35Kv3-CF1 and the Sager NP8651 (Clevo P650SE) as a gaming/programming/general use laptop. I have never heard of Sager and do not know how its durability or battery life (important for my upcoming college years) would be. Similarly, I have read several...
  24. C

    Which Gaming Laptop?

    I was going to buy the P35kv3-CF1 from NewEgg at $1,299 but I heard they just announced the P55k (set to start at $1,249 - I think) with similar specifications. I'm trying to decide if i should wait a month (which i don't mind) for the P55k or just buy the P35kv3-CF1 now. As far as i can tell...
  25. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Difference between the Razer Kraken and Kraken Pro (or "advice on buying a new headset")

    I was taking a look on some headsets , since my Microsoft LX-3000 blew it's speakers. My cousin said she likes the Kraken , from Razer, she says it's a real good set. But there are two main models available , the standard Kraken and the Kraken Pro. Besides the microphone (something i don't use)...
  26. L

    Advice for work and gaming laptop

    Hello experts! I'm looking to invest in a laptop for work and occasionally gaming. I want to keep it for the next 3 years, at least. For me it’s not an easy decision to make, I just want to get the best option out there that fits my needs and budget. These are the requirements: 1. Budget...
  27. T

    Is this £350 laptop good

    Before you judge the specs, remember that it's only a £350 laptop, and I'm not that computer-illiterate that I'm expecting to play the un-optimised crap that is watch dogs at 120fps. Display: 15.6inch 1366x768 Processor: Intel i3 3110M @2.4GHz (2 cores, 4 threads) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics...
  28. D

    Need help Choosing a Laptop

    Hi people, my current laptop Lenovo G580 is getting to an age where I need to replace it. It's making hell a lot of noise, and the cpu is on high temperature, around 60 + on idle which is not good. It also start to get slow when I use it for work. I would prefer to prolong using it and not need...
  29. S

    Looking For Good Mic

    Looking for a great quality mic. I am using the Blue Snowball atm and when I talk into it the quality sounds poor, and it makes my voice sound deeper than it is. Im looking into the Blue yeti or At2020. Any other mics with crisp quality please recomend them. Thanks
  30. P

    Laptop help, Graphic Design Student

    This question is really easy to label as TLDR and move on but bear with me guys. Hey guys! I'm looking for a laptop for school and I've been having a really hard time finding things that meet what I need. Lol. First major Hurdle is I hate Mac. From what I understand, the only real reason...