Recovering Pictures from Memory Card


Mar 21, 2015
Please help me! We just got back from vacation and I went to transfer my pictures onto my computer. I had a total of just over 300 pictures. The first 150 transferred but then I received an error message. (I don't remember what the message was). I then went and tried to look at the pictures on the memory card on my computer and it wouldn't let me look at the last 150 pictures (it showed them on there but just showed a generic picture instead of my pictures). I took the memory card out of the computer and put it back into my camera to look at the pictures and they are no longer on the memory card at all. It now says I only have a total of 150 pictures. I downloaded Pandora Recovery to try to recover the pictures and it only brought back really old pictures that were on the memory card. Can anyone help me get the pictures back???? Please help!!