Replace Current Laptop Fan with Higher Amperage Amp Fan?


Jul 31, 2016

My current Dell laptop (Vostro 3500) fan is faulty or pretty much dead. It specs at 5V, 0.26A. I ordered a replacement fan online (an exact match to my Vostro fan), but they sent a different model, and it specs at 5V, 0.4A.

Question is -- could I just use what they sent me? I'd rather not go through the hassle of returning (especially since seller is in China). The wattage from my previous fan is 5 * 0.26 = 1.3 W, while the new one is 5 * 0.4 = 2 W. Would the 0.7W increase load my power supply and/or damage the mother board?

Furthermore, I actually installed the fan to test it, and it seemed to work (it blew louder), though I started noticing power shutdowns after a few minutes. When I opened it up again, I noticed that my DC power jack was damaged. I can't tell if this was just coincidence (since it's an old laptop, and it's given me adapter warnings before replacing the fan, despite using the correct adapter), or whether the higher amp fan messed up the DC power jack.

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!