Replace motherboard on HP Envy 17t - 300 Notebook


Jul 24, 2014
After 5 years my AMD GPU went on my HP Envy 17 model LW900AV. Since this model has switchable graphics (2 GPUs) I uninstalled the AMD drivers and now use the unit with only the Intel HD Graphics gpu. Which was used only for lightweight graphics, not great for video or gaming. Not a great picture and some thing don't work that I didn't expect not to work, like sleep mode, that has disappeared, can't figure that one out. But anyway, I can still use the unit, so I'm grateful for that. Most other laptops wouldn't have that option.

I'm thinking about replacing the motherboard (I really like this unit so I don't want to go new, and I love win7 and hate 10) and there's not a lot of information out there on buying the right replacement motherboard for your laptop. I've seen a variety of prices, but most of the listings I see don't have many details on their motherboards, like GPU's, chipset, etc. I'm not looking to upgrade, just replace with what I had before. Any help and or other tips that might help me would be much appreciated!
Your best bet would be to ask the seller. They should know what they are selling. What it includes. And they should also be able to send you a photo of the part (a good big detailed one) so that you can compare it to yours.