Replaced Battery 3 Times, Keeps Failing After a Few Weeks


Nov 2, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I have a Clevo laptop, this is the model. It is about two years old.

Clevo P670RE3 Barebone Series, 17.3" FHD Matte, nVidia GTX 970M 3GB, Intel i7-6700HQ CPU

About six months ago, something happened with the battery, where if it became unplugged, the laptop would shut down immediately, and would not turn on without being plugged in. While plugged in, it would show 0% charge, even though right before it failed it had been at full charge. After that, sometimes it would say 1%, and sometimes 0%, but would never go beyond that.

The computer at that time was a bit over a year old, and out of warranty. I had assumed that the battery had failed for some reason.

When I went to the manufacturers website to buy a new battery, I was dismayed that it was $160, and since I wasn't even sure it was a problem with the battery, I went to another website and bought a Chinese battery for half that price.

After installing the Chinese battery, everything seemed to be fine, and the laptop worked as normal for a bit more than a month. Unfortunately, then exactly the same thing happened. Luckily the replacement battery was still in warranty, so they sent me another one, and again the problem was fixed, and everything worked fine.

Then, however, the charging cord stopped working. The laptop stayed on while unplugged, turned on while unplugged, but when plugged in said that it was not plugged in, and would not charge. I looked on the manufacturers website for a replacement, and the replacement cord was $100, I couldn't afford that, so I looked and saw that I had an old laptop that had almost identical Input and Output settings.

For my original adapter the specs were:

Input: 100-240V ~ 2.25A
Output: 19V - 9.5A

And the old cord that I wanted to use had the specs were:

Input: 100-240V ~ 2.23A
Output: 19.5V - 9.23A

This seemed so close that I thought it was worth trying, and in fact everything seemed to work fine. However, after about another month, the same problem happened, and the replacement Chinese battery failed again. This time I thought that maybe I had been buying faulty cheap Chinese batteries, so I went back to the manufacturer, and went ahead and bit the bullet to buy the $160 battery from them. Again, everything was fixed and worked as it was supposed to.

But now, about six weeks later, the same problem has happened again. The manufacturers $160 battery has failed, exactly as the original battery and the two cheap Chinese batteries failed.

I have removed the battery completely, and the laptop works as normal using the slightly off replacement cord that I have been using.

So, my questions are:

1. Since I have now gone through 3 replacement batteries and they have all failed, I assume that the problem is the laptop itself, right?

2. If so, what are the likely candidates for that problem, and what are my options for getting it fixed? I am broke at the moment, and need my laptop to work, so I can't afford to mail it back to the manufacturer for repair for who knows how long.

3. Did I cause problems by using the replacement adapter with slightly different settings? Is it likely that I damaged the latest battery or the computer itself by doing that?

4. Is it worth it to buy a new correct adapter (which I can ill afford) to test whether that is the problem, when, given that this is the third battery that has failed, it is likely that it is the computer itself that is at fault?

Thanks to anyone for their advice, I am quite stressed about this because I need my computer and funds are very tight right now!


Jul 28, 2016
1. probably yes
2. charging circuit, nearly zero chance to fix it without careful diagnosis and having notebook schematic
3. no, difference isn't big enough to make it matter and because your notebook runs polarity is correct
4. if adapter is giving out correct voltage and notebook runs on it without battery then it is fine.


Nov 2, 2016
Thank you for that. Shame I wasted the money replacing the batteries when the problem was the charging circuit. Glad at least I didn't spend the money on a new charger, and glad to hear I didn't mess it up further.

Sounds like my only chance is to take it in to a computer repair store and try to get the charging circuit fixed. Just looked into that a bit and my impression is that fixing the charging circuit is likely to involve the entire motherboard being faulty, which cannot practically be replaced given that it costs almost as much as the entire computer.

Guess I'll just have to use it as a desktop until I can afford a new computer...

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