Restoring Linux Partitions under Macrium Reflect free edition.

Jake Maverick

Mar 27, 2014
I really can't believe this is happening to me- I have been so careful! But basically I have been using Macrium Reflect for years and always found it has worked very well. In the past I have only used it to restore Windows partitions.

Couple of days ago my SSD failed. So I've been trying to restore my backup...first time I have ever had to restore a linux partition. But I was not expecting it to be a problem as it has been backing up, so I thought, Linux partitions happily for years...

Basically what I think is happening is that it is ignoring the linux file structure and restoring the raw data onto Windows type positions....for example it ignores the 4 gig Linux Swap 'partition' and just restored 243mb and leaving rest of partition as unformatted space and the linux swap area becomes formatted to Ext 2....for the main linux partition it does similar but loses it's Ext4 or 3 formatting....

So I think the data is basically there....I just need a bit of help in tweaking it I think to make it bootable?

Unofrtunately I'm very poor and it's the free edition I'm no support from Macrium, but as the data is physically backed up there has got to be a way to sort this?

worse possible nightmare imaginable and it's so frustrating as I took every precaution.......and that SSD is literally only couple of months old from new......who knew they can just fail like that with absolutely no warning whatsoever? :-(