Rip Disc to play in non-dvd+ players


Mar 31, 2008
I have lost one disc on one of my series of "Monk" . Now I only have dvd players that read region 1 and they only play legit dvds which are fine with me except I have either "Lost" one disc or "misplaced or god forbid it was Stolen" Either way I would like to burn a copy and be able to play said copy on the dvd players I have. Is there a way to add the protection to the one dvd that I need to copy in order to play it in a legit dvd player. I have the back up on my hard drive but it will Not play in the players any more cause some how they are identified as being home ripped " if that sounds correct" ? or do I have to go on Amazon and find that just one dvd copy instead ? any help is greatly appreciated. Thx in advance.
As long as you have the DVD format correct and you use a good compatible disk, I don't see why any player would have issues with playing a DVD disk unless it's a pretty old one. You should invest in a media player or a DVD player that can play computer files. Plenty of them that can read USB drives and even DIVX / WMV files.
As far as I know it isn't possible for you to add the protection to the DVD. Protection is added when a DVD is pressed. The manufacturer (whoever presses the DVD) has to obtain a license for the protection software. hang-the-9 is right, unless the player is quite old, you shouldn't have any problem playing a DVD without protection as long as the DVD format is correct. Some older players will not play DVD+R discs and will only play DVD-R discs. Hopefully someone will correct me if I have that backwards.