Question Samsung 32in TV -- Standby Light Disappears when Pressing this Board


Dec 7, 2014
Hello -- I'm having this issue with my TV with the red standby light which I have a temporary fix, but looking for a more permanent fix. Here is the issue:

TV: Samsung 32in
Pictures: View:

  1. The red standby light (and touch buttons) at the front of the TV are not working (light is off).
  2. Because of this, remote does not work and TV cannot be turned on via remote or buttons (I can turn it on via chromecast)
Tmp Fix:
  1. I opened the back and noticed this board seems to power the standby light (and touch buttons).
  2. The black wires at the bottom right of the first picture seems to control the board. When I push the wires down, the light seems to stop working. When I lift it up, the power seems to be back on.
  3. Same with the board itself, when I push the board down with my finger, it seems to turn off the light. When I lift it, the light comes back on.
I tried propping up the wires manually with a piece of cardboard, and it usually works for a few days, but this stops again and I have to open the TV back up.

Any idea what is going on here and what the fix should be?
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