Mar 10, 2013
I have a Galaxy Ace 2. It used to run Gingerbread which was terrible because the 'battery charged' beep/buzz could not be turned off even with Play store apps, and it would wake me up. It eventually got upgraded to Jellybean which stopped the above problem and was nicer except I've had big storage problems since. :( JB is laggier anyway (I've done the whole hard reset etc) but I suppose JB uses up more internal memory.

Neither of my previous Android phones organised internal memory like Samsung does. My previous phones had too little internal memory and I wished I could have moved every app to my SD card. This phone has the reverse problem. Tons of space on my internal card but my external SD card is not being allowed to do it's job and store most apps as the internal memory has been split into two and half of it counts as the main SD card. An internal SD card.

I don't understand the benefits of this. :( It means my main SD card is only 1GB big, even though I have a biggish SD card in my phone which only counts as a second SD card. The thumbnail folder which is required/rebuilds itself every time I use the camera takes up 800mb and I don't seem to have a choice of where it is stored! I tried to install a large app today and it will not fit because my phone seems to want to store everything on this tiny 1GB partition thing. :(

Anyone else have this problem? I just don't understand how my phone is usable unless I don't ever use the camera or store photos on it. :( Have I misinterpreted it or done something wrong? I could not go back to Gingerbread so I seem screwed either way...

Perhaps there is an app in the market (I can't find one) which differentiates between internal SD and external SD so I can move some apps to external...