Samsung Smart TV not connecting to internet (Actual Solution)

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Dec 30, 2016
Model #: UN40J6300

After using the Smart TV for about 2 years without issue, it randomly would not connect to the Internet (Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.) I knew the wifi was working because the TV in the living room was running Nexflix fine (had turned it off, but reopened the app when the bedroom TV would not work.)

Scouring the Internet on my phone for solutions (Samsung tech support was already closed), I came across many solutions that may work for some people. Add static DNS 8888, or 8884, etc. etc. However, none of these worked either. Truly, I couldn't even try...when going to network the TV would not show any wireless networks (zero), and would not let me enter an IP address. I could select the WPS option, but it would time out without working even after I pressed the WPS button on the router.

Clearly, there are many potential fixes for this issue...but none worked for me. Then, I found one (the correct fix is at the bottom, but the rest of this comment is to put the other temporary fixes to bed)...factory reset. The post gave me a unique sequence of buttons for a factory reset (182+mute+power, or info+mute+power, neither of which worked either.) But, that was the light bulb...factory reset. Clearly, the picture and channel settings are less important than the Internet for SmartHub, right? Agreed. But how do you reset if the combos above don't work...use Samsungs reset settings (

That link will provide them, but they are found at (at least, on my TV): Menu >> Support >> Self Diagnosis >> Reset. If you need to type a pin # and have not already added one, the typical factory pin is 0000.

Once complete (pretty quick...within 5-10 seconds for me), start the normal setup and go through the network settings - It worked fine this time for me.

I hope this helps solve what seems to be a recurring, but really "unsolved" problem for many.

Bottom line is: YOU DID A RESET.

Curious I went to my 6 years old Sammy and there is no RESET under my Diagnostic. Goes to show, the procedure to RESETing your TV maybe even different for same brand.

A TV these days is a little computer, and the way I see it is, treat it like a computer, sometimes the memory mess up, the settings go awry and the fix to a computer is REBOOT, CLEAR CMOS (where the basic settings are stored), and ultimately RELOAD OS from scratch. The steps for restoring a Windows PC is fairly consistent, a TV, apparently, not so much, so it's incumbent upon the user to find the precise procedure to reset his/her particular TV. Yes I wish it's easier but then site like Tom's wouldn't be in business! :)
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