Samsung Smart TV - Youtube audio only stops working after about 20 minutes


Sep 20, 2016
I have a new samsung SmartTV. So far, I have some gripes about UI and slow boot times but it seems to be a pretty slick unit. However, I have found one annoying issue with the Youtube app.

I can't find any other threads anywhere referencing this particular problem: Videos and video playback is fine. I'm watching HD content and sure, at peak times from time to time I get an occasional buffer pause, but not much. Internet speeds are generally good.

However, if I watch a long HD video, after about 20 minutes to a half hour, the audio just stops and the video keeps playing. If I let it go, I get a two second snipped of audio every now and then but that's it. Pausing and waiting and restarting doesn't help, going to another app and back doesn't help, in fact the only thing that does seem to help is a complete reboot of the TV, after which I have another 20 minute to half hour window of fine operation before the audio drops out again.

I've done the DNS edit to point at, which didn't affect this. I'm primarily watching at off peak times and nothing is affected but the audio on the longer HD youtube videos. Right now the only audio output is the TV speakers themselves.

Anyone else seen this? Any ideas? I'm not seeing any settings that affect this.