Samsung Travel Adapter and Sony Action Cam (USB charging universal?)


Feb 28, 2014

I have a question.

I have a Samsung Travel Adapter (ETA0U60UBE) that I use to charge my Samsung cell phone. It's basically an adapter plug for the wall with a USB port on the side. You then use a microUSB cord to connect your phone to the adapter. The phone can be charged via the adapter or computer USB port.

My question is this: Can this adapter charge any other product(phone/camera/ect) that charges via a USB connection? I just bought a Sony Action Cam (HDR-AS30V) that can only be charged via my computer's USB port; I'd like to use the Samsung Travel Adapter with it.

Brandon, welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

On the sticker of the charging adapter there will be a Voltage spec and also a milli-Amps (mA) spec. The voltage (or voltage range) must be the same as the device being charged. If the mA of the charging device is low then it will take a longer time for charging, but it will charge.

Avoid using a charger with a higher voltage than the device is rated for. Do not use a 19.5V charger to charge a 12V device.