Set up HT to play TV sound when using Chromecast


Nov 24, 2014
I have a Seiki SE47FY19 Led TV and just received a Samsung HT-J4500 Blu ray home theater set up.

When playing DVDs, the sound is great. But I cannot figure out how to watch chromecast tv and get the sound to come from the ht speakers.

The TV has a coaxial digital audio output but the blu ray has optical audio in but it's not the same connection as my tv.

The blu ray player states in the manual:
Method 1 AUX IN : Connecting an External Analog Component
Using an RCA audio cable (not supplied), connect the AUDIO In jack on the product (actually says aux in) to the AUDIO Out jack on the external analog component (I'm guessing this is the TV).  Select the AUX mode.

So I connected the red & white audio cable to the aux in on the bluray player and the other end into the TV LR component. But, both say "in" so that's probably why it's not working.

I have seen posts that say you can connect the chromecast directly into the bluray player but my player only has one hdmi slot and it's out.

I once had a philips dvd home theater set up and was able to watch tv via chromecast, hooked up to tv, and hear the sound from the speakers. I'm hoping it can be done with the system I have now.

Help please..thanks