Sheilded speaker wire to rca jacks

Mar 7, 2018
I have denon avrx3400h reciver
I ran all wire behind wall and using keystone jacks for av connection
I connected a rca to 2 screw connections
I have it connected from amp to sub 1 output rca to rca cable to keystone two screw connection to sheilded speaker wire 12 gauge going to rca two screw keystone to rca to rca cable to rca y adaptor
I have no sound from subwoofer
I have all speaker wire sheilds bonded together at one end
Any suggestions?
Feb 16, 2018

Never use shielded wire to connect speakers.
RCA is for line level signals - not speaker connections.
Never connect the grounds together, leave them all separated and connect them to the amp output directly.

If the sub out isn't working, there is an open connection or a shorted connection.
Step 1. Check the speaker set up menu in the receiver to make sure that the subwoofer output is turned on. Change the other speakers to small too.
Step 2. Check that the woofer is powered up and the level is not all the way down.
Step 3. Connect the sub to the receiver with an RCA cable just to make sure that it works that way.
Step 4. The line level output of the receiver may not be able to drive that wire. If you can't rewire with audio interconnect wire then a wireless solution might work. Keystone jacks are not for audio. They don't maintain coax for line level audio and can't handle current for speaker level audio.
Mar 7, 2018
I will soldier rca connection from sub output using one wire going directly to subwoofer
It works fine by using the old cable that is laying on the floor
I will update you on outcome
I used sheilded wire due to air conditioning cable ran across old speaker wire and hummed when it ran
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