Sony W900a VS Samsung UN55F8000


Jun 6, 2010
Hows it going, wondering what do you guys think is the better option? I will be mostly using this TV for gaming, is it true that Samsung fixed the input lag? Thanks.

you do not want a 240hz tv for gaming. its just asking for trouble.

what you want is a standard 60hz televison since your pc can only output 60fps/60hz to it anyways (the tv only accepts 60fps/60hz input and fakes in the rest). the post processing to fake in the frames is what causes the lag.

game mode should run at 60hz however why pay quite a bit more for a 240hz tv if you will never use it. if you intend to use game mode for 60hz theres no point to buying 240hz to begin with.

not sure about future consoles but from what i've seen they wont run 120hz or 240hz so its worthless there too.

just a few thoughts...