Static in One Speaker


Sep 14, 2015
Hi, I have a pair of Creative Lab T15 Wireless speakers. I have been having a problem with static noise, mostly in the left speaker (which is the passive one, if that helps). The speakers can be connected using either bluetooth or 2.5 mm cables. When using a bluetooth connection, there is an almost constant static noise coming from the left speaker while music is playing. It becomes a tapping/clicking sound when the music stops. When using a 2.5 mm cable (unshielded), there is static from the left speaker infrequently while playing music and loud static from both speakers if I leave the speakers on for a long time without playing music and then come back to them and begin using my computer again. I have tested moving my phone close to the speaker wire which causes a louder static noise to play, so I think that static is not because of the proximity of my phone. Also, rarely, the sound cuts out. The computer I am using is a mac book pro.

Thanks in advance.