Static Problems with the Microphone plug on headset


Sep 17, 2014
At first when I plug the microphone of my headset in (The plug that is pink) to my PC's microphone port on the front OR back it works fine. Although after about 30 seconds it's like it builds up static and will get staticy and I have tried many different things to try and figure out why it does this. Unplugging and plugging it back in doesn't really work.. Interestingly enough it's like if it sits for a little while then plug it back in the static resets but when I do plug it in it just does the build up thing again. It doesn't appear to do it all the time but up until now it has gotten to where it does it pretty much every time. I don't know what headset I'm using.. It's just a 20$ headset I got from Rite-Aid a few years ago. Also, just to be clear, the microphone still works VERY WELL.. It's just that it gets this static that I believe is originating somewhere in the cord or plug.

If you have any further questions please ask me.. I'll be happy to answer!