Streaming Real Time Internet Video to an HDTV


Sep 13, 2012
How can I stream a website video [ie Bloomberg TV,] which I watch thru a browser on my computer in my home office, thru my lan to my internet connected blu-ray player [and thus to my HDTV in the living room]?


Sep 13, 2012
I already use the blu-ray player as a media center extender. Works fine. Streaming from my W7 machine is not the issue. The issue is how do I stream a browser window, like I said I want to stream Bloomberg TV in a browser window thru my lan to my BD player. Read my previous post.
I may be wrong but I don't think you can do what you want through the BD player. You would need the HDTV to act as an additional monitor for your PC. There are solutions for this but they are not cheap and you would not have convenient control of the PC. You could connect an old pc to use as a browser or get one of the Android TV usb sticks that connect to any hdmi input and add smart tv functions to your TV. These are usually under $100.



You can stream web content to the Media Center it may work with Bloomberg. It also depends on how well the blu ray player works for that. You can also check the web site for code to allow streaming directly to a media player, I have setup systems to stream CNN news directly in Windows Media Player not using the web browser, but you need to find the link to that and use it in the Media Player.

If you want to just to see what your computer sees, you need to connect the computer to the TV, you can't do it though your blue-ray player.
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