suggestions for getting a pair of headphones


Feb 3, 2016
can anyone suggest any closed back headphones for daily use (mainly college, home and public places) my budget is 100-160 the music genres i mainly listen to is jpop, kpop, rap, and metal.
I was looking at but noticed some reviews say the cable is really long

can any one with any knowledge in audio recommend me some thanks

side note i wear glasses daily so they should feel comfortable while wearing glasses

-thanks :)


i own an m50.. the earcups are small so it may be uncomfortable for glasses users or people with big heads/big ears. sound quality is good but bad soundstaging. build quality is good.

the dt770 has bigger earcups and is well known to be comfortable for glasses users, people with big heads/big ears. the 32 ohm version is probably the least favorable out of the bunch (32/80/250) as the 80 has the most bass impact while the 250 has the greatest quality to audio. the 32 is a bit easier to drive though.

honestly i'd just get the 80 or 250 and if needed an amp like the a3 if you need to use them portable or an amp like the magni or dac/amp like the e10k if its meant for use only with a laptop or pc.

vmoda lp2 is slightly worse than the m50 in quality, built of metal. may be okay for some glasses users.


Feb 3, 2016

i went with the m40x with hm5 ear pads as listed here

earpads :

m40x :

are the m40x fine for daily use when im at college i wanted the dt770 but the wire is what kept me from them it seemed too long i dont like to walk around with a long cable i might get caught on.
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