t61 fan error


Mar 5, 2008
Hi all,

I have fan error on t61 lenovo, and i need some brainstorming with you guys.
I tested the fan with external power, and it works fine.
On the other hand fan connector on the motherboard got no power. (tested when CPU was 70c...it is possible that if fan was not detected correctly at post mb will never chanel voltage to the connector? If this is the case, i will try to get lenovo fan for testing.
The second solution is channeling power from other source on that laptop...3.5v is perfect performance/acoustics. (i know it will not be as efficient). Any one got an idea? Bios Battery connector have 3v but i will have the battery on same circuit...(so the fan will be always on until the battery is discharged)
The other option is power from USB. Two problems here, 5v (fan will be to loud, and it will have to be with external wireing) unless i solder directly to the MB and will add a resister.
Any one have more elegant solution?