Temperature/CPU Usage issues with Spybot Anti-Beacon


May 5, 2014
Been using Anti-Beacon since I upgraded to Windows 10 about 6 months ago, since I heard that it helped to prevent all the invasive things about Windows 10. Noticed that CPU usage for just anti-beacon was at 50% from task manager when idle. I thought it was strange so I ended task, and my cpu has been about 10c cooler when idle now.

I have gone to startup programs (through task manager) and I cannot find anti-beacon listed there, despite it opening at start up every time. I also cannot seem to uninstall anti-beacon from the control panel. Not sure how I should go about this since I don't feel like opening up the task manager to stop it every time I boot the computer.

How can I fix this (either disable startup or uninstall completely), and has anyone else had similar issues?
Type "services.msc" (without the quotes) in the Search the web and Windows box.

Can you find any Anti-Beacon related services there?

Right click and use the properties functions to stop and disable the service.


Jan 24, 2013

The Anti-Beacon is part of Spybot S&D's feature set. It disabled and stops any kind of Usage Telemetry to be sent to Microsoft from your Windows 10 computer. What you're describing sounds like its reacting adversely with your anti-virus. It tends to try to shut down Anti-Virus programs that try to log telemetry that Microsoft has listed as "needed information". They end up in a indefinite fight, having your CPU usage higher than it would have as its idling. Mine sits around 15-17% constantly when something like this happens, which isn't very often.