Thinkpad T410's CPU (I5-520m) overheating (A LOT)


Aug 17, 2015
So, my uncle gave me this T410 with Intel Graphics last month, and in the first "intense" load (CS:S) it overheated and turned off.
First thing I do is wait for it to cool down and try to access the BIOS, but it turned off again 30 seconds after I entered the BIOS.

After that failure I've downloaded Core Temp and the Intel processor diagnostic tool and ran a full test, same thing happened during the stress test (with the temperature of 105°C).
Then, following Lenovo's Hardware maintenance manual, I disassembled the machine, cleared the cooler (which works) and checked the Thermal paste and reapplied it just in case (with a credit card).

Then I ran the Diagnostic tool again, the processor's temperature didn't drop one °C. It would always go to 105°C and automatically turn off.

While I search for the AK455 thermal paste, I've configured the BIOS (yes, I've managed to use it) to only use half of the processor's total power. Even with this setting, you need a fan if you want to play something.

P.S: The medium temperature in the city for the whole year is 84°F (29°C) that's what you get for 180 miles from the equator line.
P.S²: Things here aren't nice (a Xbox one with kinect costs $640 here) so a new machine is out of the budget (unless for my uncle).



The i5-520M from a while back did not run as cool as some of the more recent CPU's.

It sounds like you did the right things. I would just make sure you used a batch of fresh thermal paste as it loses potency over time, and preferably one with silver in it as they are a little more effective. Also, use just a tiny bit as a thick layer can act as an insulator and work against dissipating the heat.

Also, vacuum and blow out any dust in the system, especially by the fans, and by the vents.

If all else fails, consider a chiller mat.
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