Toshiba Satellite c855 charged with universal charger and heard a loud snap.


Nov 11, 2016
As I was charging my toshiba satellite c855 with a universal charger, I heard a loud snap and unplugged it quick. A week later I got my charger back that came with it and plugged it in, and it was fine. All my lights, everything. 10 minutes into the charge, it just quit. Everything. I've tried testing my charger. So I checked around and found it could've been my charging port. I took the laptop apart, and didn't notice right away my ground on the charging port was melted almost off the adapter. No signs of anything else wrong. Simple fix, I thought. With a little bit of solder, it was fine. Tested fine threw the charger, fine threw the charging port. I'm lost after that. Put it together and nothing. No lights or charging, nothing. Help me if ya can! Thanks