Toshiba satellite p750 problems booting up


Oct 2, 2012
I have a Toshiba Satelite P750. I purchased it December 2011. We were watching a blue ray dvd the TV connected up with a HDMI cable. Go I think half way through and the laptop froze. Nothing was working, not even CTRL, ALT,Delete. I took the disc out and held the power button to turn it off and disconnected the HDMI cable. When I tried to restart it. It would come up with a black back lit screen and the a flashing _ in the top left corner. Then it would say "A Disk read error occurred Press CTRL+ ALT+ Delete to restart" Which I did and it would do the same thing over and over.

I saw a couple of forums and tried turning power off, removing the batter and connected only with AC. But same disk error.

Is their anything you can suggest. I can get into the boot mode holding the F12 key down. but I not really sure where to go from their. I changed the start up speed time from normal to fast and now it skips the option to select F2 and F12. It running Window 7. Please help!!!
Offhand it sounds as though your hard drive has been corrupted but it may be something else.
There is one thing you can try easily, with battery out and power adapter unplugged from laptop. Press and hold power for 30 seconds, replace battery, plug in power adapter, try turning it on...
If it is still under warranty from Toshiba, you might want to start a dialogue with them for direction here.