Toshiba TV and Player


Jan 24, 2016
I have a fairly new 50" Toshiba TV and a Combo VCR/DVD player. How do I hook it the player up to my tv. I have tried everything and all I can get is the dvd player to work. I have a flat multi cable from the cable company that I used that has 2 audio outputs and 3 video outputs, but my player needs a video output that is not available in this bundle. If I use the old cables on my new TV, there is only 5 places for the cables to be inserted while the player has 6 outputs on it. I'm confused an very frustrated. HELP!
See there are as many different models of TV and players on the market as there are stars in the sky. If you don't tell us what precise make/model of your TV/Player, we can't guess!