Trouble seeing pairing code.


Nov 9, 2016
I have had my Samsung smart Tv paired with Mac book pro for some time. It drops off from time to time so through my Roku I acess youtube, do the pairing process but now when I try to get the code it is cut off so that I can only see just barley the tops of the numbers. I have adjusted the ratio on my tv and Roku. I cant scroll down to see the numbers to pair the TV. Haven't incountered this problem before. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Question from mcnew2002 : "Trouble viewing Pairing code."

Could be that one of the updates is/was "buggy" and not permitting the full display space needed to see the code numbers.

Something that would have gone unnoticed until you needed the information.

You tried adjusting ratios: Maybe a reset of the Samsung Smart TV to factory defaults will make the code numbers visible.

Write down all of your settings as a reference and then reset per Samsung's guidelines. May be in your TV's User Guide/Manual.