Using Vizio Soundbar & TV with Pioneer Receiver


Nov 17, 2014
I would like to know how to hook up my Vizio Soundbar through my Vizio Razr TV and Pioneer Receiver and have Satellite connected as well.

Components are:
Vizio Razr TV (4 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 AV, 1 Dig Opt)
Vizio Soundbar (1Dig Opt, 1 AV, 1 Coax )
Pioneer Receiver (4 HDMI in/ 1HDMI out, 5 Component, 4 AV, 2 Dig Opt)
Satellite Receiver( 1 HDMI out, 1 Dig Opt)

I assume that you want to alternate between the sound bar and Pioneer receiver which has surround speakers connected to it. Otherwise it has no function in your system.
Connect the sat receiver to the TV with HDMI. Use an optical audio splitter like this one:
to connect both the sound bar and Pioneer to the TV. Some optical splitters are 2 inputs with one output. That kind will not work for you.
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