Volume control problem Yamaha receiver

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Apr 11, 2010
I have a problem with a "digital" volume control on a Yamaha 5280 receiver. Turning the volume control knob will produce ramdon volume changes. Sometimes turning the knob "up" will decrease volume. Sometimes large knob movements will produce very little change in volume. Volume can still be controlled normally with a remote.
Can the control be cleaned with an electronics cleaner like CRC?
Can dust/dirt on the pc board near the volume control IC cause this type of problem?



Dust and dirt don't help.

Try using a switch cleaner spray on the volume control if it's showing the classic signs of dirt or wear and if you can get at it. If it is actually a digital control that may not help. Try not to overpsray as the cleaner fluid is likely to cause more dust to stick to areas affected.



Yes the inside and outside should be kept perfectly clean, and salt air will cause it too. But you need a high quality cleaner that lubricates...don't use CRC...
Use Caig deoxit 100, not CRC.


Oct 17, 2010

Hi guys,

Like I said, I had the exact same problem as acme, and I've managed to fix it through cleaning.

First, you have to remove the knob, then unscrew the metal ring at the base of the knob-stick with a wrench or pliers.

Then, open up the receiver. (CAREFUL: Make sure you unplug it first, and beware static discharges. Ideally, you shouldn't touch the circuit boards, and you can even wear an anti-static bracelet for extra safety.)

Third, remove the front circuit board from its frame. You'll find the volume knob connecting to a small metal box on the front of the board. This is the volume pod.

Using an alcohol-based electronic cleaner (I used Lloyd's Kleens-It), spray into the box to dislodge any accumulated dust or gunk. Then you can either let it air dry, or use compressed air to blow out any more dust particles. If you do use compressed air, make sure to hold the can upright, and use short bursts of air to avoid freezing.

Screw everything back together, and your volume knob should be good as new!


Do not use alcohol based cleaner, make sure the cleaner is a lubricated electronic control cleaner, that is specifically made for moving, rotating contact parts.
Alcohol can strip the lubrication out of a control, locking it entirely. It can also damage certain types of plastic or the carbon track inside the potentiometer.
Be aware that cheaper cleaners, contact cleaners are not intended for moving assemblies AKA potentiometers.
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