Weak sound from speakers when monitor connected to set top box via HDMI


Feb 1, 2016
I have a BenQ VZ2250 monitor with HDMI feature. I have connected my monitor to a HD Set Top Box thru a HDMI cable and also connected my 2 speaker 3.5 mm male jacks to set top box female ports (Left & Right Audio ports) but, the sound coming out of the speakers is very low but the video is perfect.
I tried to change the "playback" tab setting but there is no HDMI written there. There are only 2 options, one is Speakers and other one is Realtek HD audio device.
My OS is Win7. Kindly help me out.
1. Check the volume control on the HD set top box. Might be too low.
2. If you are feeding the analog audio out of the box to your PC there has to be some software that you are using to get it to come out of the PC speakers. That software may have input and output levels that need to be adjusted.
3. Is the PC main volume control all the way up? Do the speakers have their own volume control?
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