What's the Best Screen Recorder For my Laptop Specs!?


Jun 8, 2016
I've been trying to find the best 'CPU FRIENDLY SCREEN RECORDER' forever! My specs aren't that great at all, and I can't afford a Gaming pc right now. I've tried using OBS, Mirillis Action, Fraps, Dxtory, and even Game DVR, and everyone of those screen recorder's make my Minecraft lag except for Game DVR. The only problem with Game DVR is it doesn't make my Minecraft lag, but when I record and finishing recording and start watching the video I just recorded the video contains multiple lag spikes and the in-game audio that is record is offset from the video making it a crappy video, the microphone I'm pretty sure doesn't do that but the audio in-game does. So now I'm searching top to bottom on the internet for a recorder that doesn't make Minecraft lag, doesn't have lag spikes in the recorded video, the audio is on sync, and doesn't have 'HUGE FILES SIZES'

CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 (2 cores)
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics
RAM: 4 GB DDR3 L Memory
HDD: 500 GB