Where online can I buy a legit working charger for a Asus Laptop Model: X540SA-SCL0205N?


May 13, 2016
I bought my laptop at Best Buy and it didn't come with a charger. I tried buying one on eBay and it didn't work. I read from a buyer on Amazon that the part number for the charger is PA-1330-39 does anyone know if it's true?. I tried asking ASUS and they said they don't have any.


if just bought it then take it back for a refund or a replacement because without a power adapter, the laptop is no good.
Yeah, yeah. I know. BUT, that's the one I'd go with. Doesn't look like there's much available for it, so unless you want a 14ft long cable, I think that's the best option right now. Must be a pretty new unit to not have a bunch of options on Amazon. I'd be very surprised that ASUS doesn't have replacements. In fact, I think legally, they HAVE to have them. Spare parts laws and all that.

I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap though. I agree with you that I'd go back to best buy and tell them it didn't have one with it. If it's less than 90 days old, most state laws require the vendor to warrant the item or make it right. Not all states do though. Colorado for example only requires the vendor to cover items for 30 days.
I'm not seeing replacement power adapters for this unit in the ASUS store, probably because they are still too new to be out of warranty. I'd be rather surprised if this unit didn't work with it though, as it indicates support for 40w-65w units and has all four of the commonly used adapter plugs for ASUS notebooks. It is also rated for up to 3.08A and 19.5v while your unit only requires support for up to 19v and 2.47 Amps.

Might work, might not. Worth checking into though as it's probably higher quality than anything I'm currently seeing that could even loosely be called compatible in the aftermarket.