Which LED TV Monitor choose


Aug 2, 2013
Hi people.

I want to buy new TV monitor to renovate my old LCD P2470HD since image isn't bright and sharpness as I liked how it was.

Must have some requirements:
- Between 24"-28" (since my office does not have very large width and will play for a distance less than 2m)
- Full HD (1920x1080)
- At least 2 HDMI (since new televisions has no more DVI inputs and i need to connect my desktop computer) and TV Av/RF
- Good image: bright and sharp better than my old monitor. It will be mainly for gaming.

I think tht's all. I have preference for Samsung because is excellent brand for televisions but if there is other brand no problem at all.

Sorry for my english i didn't wrote to many times since isn't my mother language lol.