Which portable mp3 player?



I'm looking for a portable .mp3-player. Here are the criteria. (1) Plays PC formatted CD-Rs. (2) Hs a text display of the .mp3 song-title.

What are the options?


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Tavarua Portable MP3-ROM supports these features and it is cheap (1 month ago it was approx $90)


But my advise if you can afford it, go for Nomad 6GB. Cuz you have to wait until you burn your CDs, you have to take them all with you and guess (for example if you 10 CDs) where is some song, CDs sometimes scratch (of course you can use some cleaners), etc. But the problem here is - PRICE.


Dec 31, 2007
And, of course, for somewhere between the same price as up to double the price of a Nomad, you could just get a refurbished laptop. Sure, it might only be a 166MMX or if you're lucky a P2-300 or something nifty. But even my P1-133 desktop could play MP3 files. And if it can, a P-166MMX definately could.

In light of this realisation, I sure hope that Nomad drops in price. Otherwise I might just find some way to sit my P-166MMX laptop in my car... I don't know why I never thought of doing that before... It has a headphone/speaker jack that I could use a tape deck converter with...


I would go for the phillips expanium. I bought it about two months ago when they first came out. Its really nice, but it dosnt have ID3tag support (I just print out my winamp playlists). It's a sweet little player that has 100sec skip protection and can read at very high and very low bit rates.



Dec 31, 2007
I have the GENICA "TAVARUA" MP3/CD Player, and it's great.
I mean, I got it for 89 bucks from http://www.computergeeks.com/ and with their a accessory kit and two day shipping It came out to less than 115.

I can normally fit about 170-200 songs on a 700 meg CD. Cds are cheap, and my cd writer is fast, so it works out great. I'd love to have one of those Nomad Jukeboxes, but the cheapest I could find one was for 409 bucks. Which for me is insane. Regardless of its price, I think having to trasnfer 20 gig (after modified) via USB would take a while.

Let me continue about this cd player. My first impression of it was a good one. It plays ISO 9660 data format, searching the disk and making a numeric play list. It has 50 second anti-skip protection, and I listen to it while in my backback durning my 5 mile walk to the university, having never heard a skip, I did nearly get run over yesterday though, due mainly to its great sound quality! I have some of those old model sony ear plug things which I use because the set than came with it was weak.

The player also has a recharge circut built in, so if you're using rechargable batteries, all you have to do is plug it into the AC adapter at the end of the day, I get about 3 to 4 hours of continous play back with one charge.

Here's come specs from www.gencia.com:

Plays MP3 Files from CD, CD-R Media
Plays CD Audio Files from CD, CD-R.
50 Second Anti-Shock Protection for MP3 Playback.
DBBS Dynamic Bass Boost System. Stereo Headset and Line-Out Jacks, Earphones Included.
LCD Function Display.
Uses (2) Standard AA Batteries or Rechargeable NiCad Batteries (Not Included).
AC Adapter Included. Familiar CD Player User Interface
Factory New 1 Year Warranty

You can also record with it, but i've yet to use that feature because it seems kinda retarded.

Here is their FAQ:
Q. Do I need to transfer my .MP3 files to CD to use the Genica player?
A. Yes. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player does not have built-in flash memory.

Q. Will the Genica player read CD-RW discs?
A. No the unit will not read CD-RW.

Q. What bit-rates does the Genica player support?
A. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player supports bit-rates between 32Kbps and 196Kbps. Songs must be sampled at 44.1KHz.

Q. Does the Genica player support Variable Bit Rate (VBR) ?
A. No.

Q. Does the Genica player support Directories or Long File Names?
A. Yes. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player supports Directories according to the ISO 9660 File Format, and will play songs with long file names.

Q. Does the Genica player display artist name or track title information?
A. No. This first-generation unit displays track number and elapsed-time in a numeric format only. We expect second-generation players to support the alpha-display of artist/title information.

Q. I have 150 .MP3 songs in a directory, and I want to hear song number 140. Do I have to press "NEXT" 140 times?
A. No. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player has a rapid track-advance feature.

Now for its downfalls. Firstly the unit feels kind of cheap. Its very light weight and the buttons seem thin and weak, its not really a problem, because i'm good to it. Also it doesnt support ID3 tags, you just get track numbers. Which is okay I guess. I hope this helps everyone out, thanks for reading.


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Buy a laptop, you can get one that plays mp3s decently for $800 or so. I connect my speaker port using a cigarette lighter adapter which interfaces with my car radio and voila, I got 3 gigs of my 6 gig hard drive for mp3s. With music lists in Napster, I can listen to my favorite music on any car trips.