Will a Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 work with my Dell Studio 1735 Laptop?


Dec 23, 2017
I have a Dell Studio 1735 laptop that currently has an Intel Core 2 Duo that's 32 bit. I want to upgrade the cpu to an Intel Core 2 Duo Moblie Processor T9400 that's 2.53ghz 1066mhz Cache 6MB. I read somewhere that you could put up to a T9500 in it, so I got a T9400. I also read that you it won't work with a cpu that is more than 800mgz. This is the cpu I bought. Please let me know if it will work or if you need more information from me.


Try it and see. If you read somewhere that it wold work, then it may work. Make sure you are running the latest BIOS for the motherboard before you try the swap. Laptop CPU swaps are often tricky, even if the CPU may fit in the socket, it may not be compatible with the motherboard.

"There exist multiple electrically incompatible, but mechanically compatible processor families that are available in PGA packages "

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