Question Windows 10 Problem . Asus laptop

Aug 27, 2020
Can anyone help me regarding my problem?
I have a Asus Laptop with windows 10 and its hard for me to fix it
The problems are the following:

After boot up
- No Desktop Icon shown
-When i hover it to the taskbard it the mouse cursor is just loading
  • Cannot open Start menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts not working (e.g Windows + E)
  • Cannot open task manager
  • Windows Restore always fail
  • Reset PC stuck at 30% then restart
  • Start up repair wont do it also and some of it in the advance option
all of this are the problem but when i do right click + refresh its working i hope someone can help me on what i need to do
Thank you , regards
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Aug 27, 2020
I was doing my stuff and when i turned it off for it to rest then when i went back to turn it on after it boots up that thing happens now
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