Dec 30, 2015
I recently have been attempting to make my Xbox One picture display better. I have a Panasonic Rear Projection TV that supports 1080i. My Xbox One has been using an HDMI to Composite Convertor due to the TV not having an HDMI port. It looks fine, but its cut off on the edges and theres a small delay.

The TV does happen to have a DVI port so I purchased a HDMI to DVI cable on Amazon and hooked it up to the TV. When doing this the TV shows Black bars on the top and bottom as if its 4:3 ratio TV trying to display 16:9.

I went into the Xbox settings to change the display settings and it only allows 480p to be set with the DVI.

I went into the service menu while on the DVI channel. The TV says its set to 480p and 16:9 with no option to change it.

I even connected the DVI to my DirecTV box and set the box to display 1080i and it still has the black bars and the Service menu still says 480p.

How can I fix this? The TV says its 1080i, but doesn't allow my to display it properly.

Thank You