How To Calibrate Battery on Windows Laptops

Age, use, and heat are some of the factors that affect your laptops' battery life. However, not allowing your battery to run from 100 to zero percent can confuse your battery meter and cause its capacity to decrease more quickly. In order to ensure that your battery is in top shape, you should calibrate it on a regular basis. Some laptops come with a utility that helps you automatically calibrate your battery. But in cases where there is none, here's how you calibrate your Windows laptop manually.

1. First, charge your battery up to 100 % and let it rest for two hours but leaving the laptop plugged in. This process makes sure the battery is cool while charging although you can still use it while charging.

2. Click the battery icon located at the lower right corner of your laptop. Click "more power options" to access your computer's power management settings in the Control Panel.

3. In the Power Management settings, click "Choose when to turn off the display" link found at the left side corner.

4. It will take you to the page where you can edit your power settings. Click "Change Advance Power Settings."

5. The "Power Options" box will appear. Go to "Advance Settings" and click "Battery". Under that, click "Critical Battery Action" and set it to hibernate. Next, click "Critical Battery Level" and set it to 5%.

6. Pull the plug and let your laptop to discharge until it automatically hibernates. You can still use your computer while doing this.

7. On the other hand, if you want to calibrate your laptop's battery while not using it, make sure that it is not automatically set to hibernate, sleep, or turn off when idle. Setting your battery to power mode will not let it discharge properly.

8. To calibrate it while not in use, click "Choose when to turn off display." It will take you to the "Edit Plan Settings" page. Set your battery to "Balance" and set everything to "Never."

9. Let your computer sit for 5 hours until it shuts down automatically. Then, plug it back and charge up to 100%. After calibrating, make sure that the power settings are set to their normal values before using it.

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