Install Magic Lantern on the Canon 6D

Magic Lantern is software that can be added to your Canon 6D DSLR camera which allows you to do some cool stuff with your photography and videography. The program is free firmware that anyone can download and install on their Canon 6D. To install Magic Lantern on your camera, follow these simple instructions:

Note: Canon does not endorse Magic Lantern. Using it may void your warranty. If it causes any damage to your camera, you may be on your own. Use at your own risk.

Step 1: Remove the SD card from your Canon 6D and place it into your personal computer or laptop.

Step 2: Download the Magic Lantern program firmware onto the SD card that you put into your computer or laptop. You can get it from this website.

Step 3: Remove the SD card from your computer or laptop and put it back into the camera.

Step 4: Turn the camera on. The camera will prompt you to install it onto the camera. Click OK.

Step 5: You will get a success screen that will tell you that the download was successful.

Step 6: It is advised that you turn off the camera at this point and remove the battery momentarily. Put the battery back in the camera and power it up. Magic Lantern is ready to go!

Magic Lantern does have updates from time to time. When you want to update, you'll need to wipe the SD Card and repeat this process, but with the latest version of Magic Lantern.