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  1. L

    Looking for a good gaming laptop

    Hey guys I'm looking for a good gaming laptop, with good performance and which is quite lightweight to be able to transport. My budget is about 700-1000$ Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  2. E

    Asus x205 stuck on BIOS

    My Asus x205ta boots straight to the bios with no way to start windows. It began suddenly one morning after shutting down normally the night before. After pressing the power button, the computer goes to a black backlit screen for 1-2sec, then proceeds to BIOS without ever displaying the ASUS...
  3. T

    In Need of a Broken Laptop Screen Solution for Booting into BIOS

    My laptop, ASUS ROG G750JM, has a broken screen. Fortunately, I can easily connect to an external monitor only on Windows, and just Windows alone. I need to find a way to get into my BIOS so I can boot into my USBs and launch my Linux environments and dive myself into the world of operating...
  4. A

    Restore Windows 8.1 Bing

    Good day to all members. I badly need help. I upgraded my Laptop Asus X453MA to Windows 10. After 15 days, my PC got infected by a virus. I decided to reset the laptop and after that, my restore files has been deleted and I cannot restore it to it's Original OS, (Windows 8.1 with Bing). - It's...
  5. P

    Laptop only powers up but doesnt boot (no bios screen)

    Hi! My ASUS X55A doesn't even show the BIOS screen (screen is completely black), it just powers on and the led for the hard drive blinks and it maintains stuck there with only the power led burning and the fans turning. I was changing my SSD from the CD-ROM slot to the main slot (I only have...
  6. B

    Laptop recommendations $1000 or less (uses, and ideas included)

    1. What is your budget? - No more than $1,000 even less if possible. 2. What screen resolution do you want? - I'm not picky. My eyes are bad so crystal clear isn't even that great to me 3 Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? - I wan't a halfway portable solution for school...
  7. thedutchowner

    No sound from SonicMaster subwoofer on N551JX

    Right, running into a bit of an issue on Windows 10 on my Asus N551JX. This is the second installation, the first one was done via upgrading from 8.1, which was extremely buggy. Now, I have a clean install with none of the problems I was having, but it has one new problem: The SonicMaster...
  8. voodoo917

    Need Bio's Recovery Help for ASUS X75VD

    Hi Guys, I hope someone here has some insight on this problem, I'm at a loss. I have a ASUS X75VD Laptop that I loaded Windows 10 on a few days ago. I don't think that Windows 10 had anything to do with the problem, just saying. After doing a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, I went into my...
  9. 5

    ASUS K73E-DH51 performance configuration

    Wanted to know if my computer is configured for performance Intel 2nd gen I3 2310M 2.2ghz, Mem 60gb 3072 cache,, hd 500 gb, 5400 rpm, sata II serial ata?
  10. J

    Looking for a portable gaming notebook.

    I am about to buy a portable gaming notebook which can handle all of my stuff like photo editing, gaming and composing musics. I am stucking with these three notebooks ; HP Omen, Lenovo y50 (2015 edition) and Asus ROG G501. All of these notebooks come with latest dedicated graphics and with...
  11. G

    I'm looking for a new laptop and I like to know how much space have local disc c: How can i know?

    Please help me. I'm looking for a new laptop and I like to know how much space have local disc c: How can i know? ANSWER PLEASe
  12. N

    Why won't programs pin to my taskbar?

    Hi, I have a problem- programs will not pin to the task bar. Unlike most threads, this problem is not just a hesitant program. It is every program. I use this laptop for YouTube, so it helps to have quick access to applications. Here is the non-sugar-coated form of the problem: I turned on my...
  13. J

    Add SSD and Move OS on brand new computer

    Good Morning, I had asked a question last week here - and I'd like to thank everyone for their answers. I bought the rest of the hardware to make this switch and the computer ended up having issues at the end of...
  14. D

    right key pad

  15. R

    Help Finding a Good Gaming Headset Solution w/ $300 Budget

    Hi everyone. I just recently built myself a new computer of which I plan to do a fair bit of gaming on but picking the right headphones is always the hardest part because as many reviews as you watch, sound quality in all dimensions is still widely subjective. I wanted to know what would be the...
  16. M

    ASUS K55A SX389H WIFI Replacement, help.

    Does anyone know if this model has a wifi whitelist i.e. you can only replace the wificard with a specified list of wificards. or can you replace the wifi card with any wifi card? The reason for asking is that this laptop does not have bluetooth so i want to replace the wificard with a wifi +...
  17. K

    ASUS U56E No Bios No Post Caps lock and Num Lock LED on...

    My PC was running great, I've had it about a year and it just wouldn't start up one day. It sounds like it's starting up, fan runs, DVD runs, HDD LED lights up for a couple seconds - then goes off, and the screen never comes on. What I've tried: - I have shine a flashlight to see if it's the...
  18. C

    After Kaspersky Install Internet Became So Slow (Asus Build)

    Hello I recently bought a new gaming PC and I did a fresh format and new install of Windows 8.1 on my rig. The problem is that when I installed Kaspersky Pure 3.0 my internet became SO SLOW. I got a 32MB Download Line and 4MB Upload and when I installed Kaspersky and trying speedtest my speed is...
  19. C

    Asus G56JK hard drive help

    Guys my gf is ordering a new laptop for designing , an Asus G56JK , i will install a 2nd ssd to it , what i want to now , can i install a 2nd hard to this laptop ?
  20. J

    Asus Memo HD7 randomly shuts down,

    I have a Memo Pad HD7 that randomly just shuts down, and the only message i get is a low battery message, altough it says it has 30+ % battery left. And after i start it up again it still shows it has 30+ % battery left. What should I do?
  21. G

    ASUS to Debut Cheapest Android Wear Watch Yet in Sept

    ASUS CEO says the company could debut an Android Wear-powered smartwatch at IFA in September that is cheaper and handsomer than rivals. ASUS to Debut Cheapest Android Wear Watch Yet in Sept : Read more
  22. K

    What happends If I exceed my RAM limit

    I have my PC which currently has 2GB of ram and want to upgrade it to 4GB but on crucial says my maximum is already at 2GB, my pc's info are Manufacturer ASUSTek Computer INC. Model P5PL2-E Total amount of system memory: 2.00 GB RAM System type 64-bit operating system Number of processor...
  23. xxaamxx135

    Possibility to replace ODD with more storage on the Asus R500V Laptop

    So I know it is possible to do in macbooks and some asus laptops. I was just wondering if it was possible with my model. I googled it but I couldnt find anything.
  24. A

    Should I trade in i7 for A10?

    Hello everyone. I currently have an ASUS K55vm-SX086D. My friend is looking to buy a laptop and he wants to buy mine second hand. Given that my sale price will be around the same as the laptop below, would it make sense to sell this one (it's over a year old now) and buy that? This is the laptop...
  25. I

    Secondary GPU in Laptop

    Can a cd drive be replaced with a secondary GPU like the cd drive can be replaced with a SSD? I have a Asus G750JW and was wanting to add or see if it was possible to add a new GTX765M in it to have games run more smooth.
  26. B

    Best Gaming Laptop With Touch Screen For Developer/Gamer

    I am a UK Windows 8 developer and also a gamer. I'm looking for: ■ Touch Screen ■ Solid Graphics Card ■ Ideally SSD (Possibly two in RAID 0) but willing to upgrade it ■ I have around £1500 ■ 15 or 17 inch 1080p screen ■ As light and thin as possible The best option I found so far is the ASUS...
  27. M

    Advice on Asus A7SN and Acer Aspire 5920G CPU, GPU and RAM upgrade

    Recently bought those two computers and since they are quite outdated the top of the line compontents from that time period are outdated (and therefore cheap to buy) as well. I would thusly kindly ask for some advice regarding the best CPU, GPU and RAM choices for those two laptops?
  28. J

    Q: USB Ports vs USB channels or busses on laptop

    Hi, there long time reader of the forum/site. I am supposed to buy a laptop for a streaming video show which needs to attach three Logitech 920 webcams. It has never really occurred to me before what it means when a laptop says it has four USB 3 ports. This is the ASUS G750 Are those...
  29. B

    Getting preformance drops/overheating problem. More said in the thread.

    Hey everyone. I bought an ASUS K53SV laptop about a year ago. It used to run fine at the beginning, but I have 2 issues that need to be solved out: 1.) I have an Akasa Everest laptop cooler. The best one i could find at my local computer store, but the laptop still overheats itself. HEAVILY...