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  1. I

    Help with hooking up sub woofer to computer

    I recently bought some new computer speakers and I wanted to add in a sub woofer. I'm not familiar with sound systems at all so I was hoping to get some help. I'm going to link the speakers and my motherboards sound card. I'm just wondering what wires are needed to hook everything up correctly...
  2. K

    Solved! HyperX cloud stinger microphone is connected but isn’t picking up my voice. It use to be super static but has stopped and so

    Randomly my Hyperx cloud stinger I use for my computer (desktop) has stopped picking up my voice. I can hear friends on discord but I can’t speak. When I’m in sounds menu it says it’s connected but it doesn’t pick up my voice. I’ve unplugged and re plugged it in and gone through troubleshooting...
  3. J

    I just got my computer and it’s asking me to login as an administrator account what do I do?

    I just got my computer & it’s telling “ to access the command prompt as well, Log on using an administrator account” what do I do?
  4. R

    I recently got a virus

    Hello, i recently got a virus that made my computers performance really slow, so i rebooted my pc. I clicked on full reboot Ib Windows 10, but i am just curios if the virus has survived. Does anybody here know a free or cheap antivirus program that i Can use?
  5. H

    How do I get my headphones to work?

    Everytime I put my headphones in my PC, i get a small static noise which let's me know they are plugged in correctly, but my computer keeps saying that my headphones are not plugged in. This is a new computer and I tried using different headphones too. I tried disabling the speaker while the...
  6. J

    Solved! have internet access, but computer shows otherwise

    I have a Acer Aspire E5-575-53EJ that runs on windows 10. I've recently had problems with my firewall and internet connectivity. The firewall has been fixed and is running smoothly, the internet is working as it should. But the problem is before i login to my computer, it shows that i am...
  7. SubZeroFlsh

    Solved! UE Megablast mod

    Hi, I'm wanting to use my UE as speakers for my computer but I don't want to degrade the battery by leaving it plugged in. Wondering if it'll be possible to run the speaker from the wall without needing the battery, then I could just got the battery when I want to use it elsewhere. Anyone...
  8. N

    PC boots to bios always

    My computer always goes to bios whenever I turn on and it doesn't boot . I have New SSD where no os installed .but it doesn't show any boot device when I insert my os disc
  9. M

    Solved! Malwarebytes locks computers

    Malwarebytes is causing lockups on Windows 7. It locks up Windows Live Mail. It locks up dBase programs when printing on a network printer. Two different computers and both have to be powered off and rebooted. This started within the last couple of weeks. Lifetime versions of Malwarebytes...
  10. F

    Solved! Headphones started having a buzzing noise after windows update

    I can't remember if it was the day after a windows update but when I came home from work and turned on my PC there was no sound from headsets and my mic's level was set to 0, I reset my computer hoping to fix it, which it did but now it's got buzzing static noise coming from it no matter what I...
  11. S

    360safe chinese installer always pops up when i turn on pc

    Help every time i turn on my computer 360safe chinese installer pops up even when i scan with antivirus softwares (Avira and others). Malwarebytes doesn't even identify it as a virus. Please help. It annoys me every time. Thank you. :)
  12. B

    Slow up and down speeds on this desktop

    I am getting slow up and down speeds on this computer while my other devices are way higher. I am getting around 16mbps down and 10mbps up while my other devices are getting over 100
  13. N

    Admin right/password on University computer

    Hi I am a postgraduate student in university. To install any software on the computer we call the IT dept as we need admin right on this computer. With few emails with approve from my supervisor we still get the admin right and have the full control on the computer. I preferred to call them than...
  14. C

    AC/Batter Power Switching Issue Lenovo T430s laptop

    WHILE PLUGGED IN WITH BATTERIES IN COMPUTER - experiencing intermittent switching between AC power and battery power. Random switching back and forth. Each time, the brightness indicator appears up on the screen. PLUGGED IN ONLY (no batteries inserted) - all is fine BATTERIES ONLY (unplugged)...
  15. P

    Mixed Reality Graphics Card Help

    Hi, I know you get a lot of questions about minimum requirements so I hate to add another one but I keep seeing mixed answers online. Looking into getting a Lenovo Explorer VR headset and I'm not sure if my graphics card on my laptop will run VR. Here are my computers stats, HP Notebook...
  16. W

    Please let me know what computers chromebooks laptops notebooks desktops by all manufacturers come with a warranty, etc.!!

    I need to know more information about all brands of
  17. A

    How to send Fax from Computer at free of cost.

    Hi Today, I m going to show you exact process how to send a fax from a computer at free of cost. Commercial Spam removed by Moderator.
  18. J

    My computer won't update due to not enough space no matter what thumb drive or SD storage I try . How can I just start fresh a

    My computer won't update due to not enough space no matter what thumb drive or SD storage I try . How can I just start fresh and delete everything on it
  19. M

    Solved! Trojan virus question

    My computer is saying I have a Trojan virus quarantined but my computer is not slowed down nor are there any ads popping up. What should i do about it. Should I be nervous?
  20. M

    Earphone Volume Are Low On Computer But Not On Phone

    I've bought Samsung AT-046 earphone a few weeks ago, they work fine on both my phone (Samsung Galaxy J1) and laptop (ASUS) until recently, when I'm in the middle of watching videos on laptop, my earphone sounds lower than usual so I've tried it on my phone it worked perfectly fine I make sure...
  21. G

    Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real

    New Nvidia AI technology defies belief by creating 100% realistic synthetic humans, cats, and even cars. Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real : Read more
  22. K

    Solved! How to reload AmazonPrime on Vizio SmartTV!

    I’ve reset the TV and the other apps are working now, but AmazonPrime still isn’t. How do I reload the app? Or is there away to make sure it’s the tv? Prime works fine on my computer. Help!
  23. B

    Computer keeps shutting off

    About 3 months ago my pc would work fine but recently it shuts off then comes back on or just stays off. after it shuts off I have to turn the power supply off and back on again before it will turn on again. Any help?
  24. S

    Solved! Samsung S24B300 audio suddenly quit working

    I had an issue with Windows update and thru help from Microsoft I had to do a system restore to get computer running again. Now my external speakers, that I have used for many years, do not work, I hooked up new external speakers, but still have the red X next to the speaker icon on task bar...
  25. Astralv

    Solved! Infected computer- slow and stop

    Hey there This computer, Haswell 4770K with Asus Z87 Deluxe MB and AMD midgrade graphics, 16GB memory got issues. It is not terminal, it powers on. It is super slow in normal operation mode. I can't get to system configurations app, therefor I can't get to Startup items. My son is teen gamer...
  26. N

    I have weird experience with my speakers

    I bought one pair of speakers (2 in pair) and connected them to my computer, they worked normally, but then happened something weird with them, my computer was off and some weird music started playing without any sound receiver, only speakers plugged in powered off computer (i also removed power...
  27. A

    Solved! When I use HDMI on my computer via Tv it only lets me See my home screen Why?

    Say it all in title
  28. N

    Solved! Can I fit a SSD to another computer to recover data

    I have a HP14 - ac100na that won't start, even though I have proved power to the motherboard. If I buy a similar refurbed laptop, can I insert the SSD from my old computer into the new one to recover the documents etc on it
  29. C

    Solved! Buying a laptop for school

    I know all these laptops are overpowered for just school, however, I want something nice to last me for a while. I would like opinions on which computer I should get. I will say I am wanting a light and nice looking laptop. I like the internal specs of the Spectre in the first link, but not the...
  30. P

    How do I remove personal information from my Compaq LTE 5300 before selling it?

    How do I remove personal information from a Compaq LTE 5300 before selling it? Is there a hard drive I have to remove? The computer works and has Word and other software on it. I'd like to keep the software on it for the buyer.
  31. G

    mic doesn t work in headset. Windows 7 desktop computer

    i am on windows 7 in my gaming pc and headset only sound works but the mic doesn t work.l and yes i tried plugging it in different jacks, it doesn t show up on control panel and it isnt muted
  32. Q

    Solved! Audio Not Working Properly

    I have had my computer for about 4 months now. I've always been able to plug in my headphones and listen to whatever I wanted to. However, today I plugged in my headphones and audio would only play from the left speaker. I was extremely confused by this because I was just watching a YouTube...
  33. G

    Apple's 2018 Mac Mini Is Already $100 Off

    Apple's Core i3- and Core i5-based models are both on sale. Apple's 2018 Mac Mini Is Already $100 Off : Read more
  34. G

    Virgin Galactic All Set to Reach Space in a Matter of Days

    After years of testing, the next stage will hopefully take the SpaceShip Two over the space boundary. Virgin Galactic All Set to Reach Space in a Matter of Days : Read more
  35. P

    Solved! Help neded: Hp envy 17 motherboard issues

    My motherboard is toast after just over 3 years use. At the moment I can't afford to get a replacement but I need a computer for work (vicious circle). Can I replace the motherboard? Is it a bad idea? Is it common for Hp to have this sort of issue?