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    Solved! Acer stuck advanced otions

    So upset. I called Acer helpline. Man told me to turn computer on while hitting F2. Now I an stuck. None of the advanced options work. Was even able to do my own system restore. Computer said it was successful but I'm still stuck on Advanced options. please help
  2. K

    Solved! Does my laptop cause ozone?

    I'm worried because I found something online about computers producing ozone from their PSU. My laptop cpu gets up to like 90 degrees when gaming and my gpu gets up to 70? Is my pc producing ozone? Heres what i found:
  3. B

    Solved! I need help upgrading my computer for Oculus Rift

    As the title says, I need help upgrading my computer for VR games. Most games run fine, but a game called Beat Saber (, was laggy, so I upgraded my video card from an MSI Afterburner GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC to a ZOTAC...
  4. W

    Make keyboard type when computer is locked

    My computer is locked and will only type numbers but not letters what do I do
  5. D

    logitech z906 sound issue with computer

    Hello im not sure whats going on but I have hooked up the speaker system to my computer but I have a problem when i try to use the speaker effects were the sound from people . espeiculy in games has no audio or is very faint to the point like it sounds muffled and underwater almost. I have...
  6. E

    Solved! Help Computer Screen Dying

    My computer screen is filled with horizontal and vertical lines and from the left to the right my computer is turning black little by little and top part of my computer is almost all black and Im not a tech person so if someone could explain how to fix this that would be very helpful thank you...
  7. R

    Solved! Windows 10 backup

    I backed up windows 10 to an internal 1 of 2 drives in my computer...well I didn't like the amount of space it used(gb)...can anyone tell me how to undo that action so I can get the space back? Thanks
  8. C

    Solved! Suspicious filename in computer

    When I log in to my admin account, a dialog box pops up asking to search for software to open ignufb.vpugcuga. I finally located it in Users\admin account\AppData\Local\Mj Ojwakan. I have run searches until I am blue in the face with zero results. If you know, how the heck did it get into my...
  9. M

    Is it OK to install wifiinfoview?

    Hi, a wifi dongle developer suggested me to install a Wifi Scanner and send a screenshot to him to see why I have slow wifi connection. Usually I don't install unknown software on my computer due to possible virus and other security concern. Is it OK to install the following app? I googled it...
  10. F

    Solved! Wifi network computer can't see Ethernet connected computer

    My Win10 wifi-connected laptop and my Win7 ethernet-connected desktop used to connect to the Internet and saw each other to share files, the Internet etc no problems. I bought a new Win10 desktop but have the same router and laptop. It connects to my network, gets the Internet and sees itself...
  11. J

    Solved! Wifi not showing up

    My computer will no longer show any wifi networks. It worked fine a few weeks ago but now won't connect. The network is fine because other devices auto connect just fine.
  12. E

    I got a new headset and it says the the headset is plugged in but the mic is not. How do I fix this or is it my computer ?

    I got a new headset and it says the the headset is plugged in but the mic is not. How do I fix this or is it my computer ?
  13. N

    Solved! Asus laptop stuck

    My laptop was updating and it got shut up during the update now I'm getting an install windows message on the loading screen the message says "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click "ok" to restart...
  14. dankcik09

    Solved! Logitech Z560 - (Amp replacement question, possible?)

    Ive been rocking the 4.1 computer audio system from the early 2000s. The sub still hits, the speakers still sound good. The only issue is the amp which crackles. The soldering went bad maybe a decade ago. Its been a pain in the ass the keep the speakers adjusted perfectly to avoid the obnoxious...
  15. H

    Shift+4 and shift+6 not working (read description)

    Basically I have a fairly new keyboard which has no issues (or shouldn´t have). Its an external keyboard that I connected to my laptop. There is absolutely no issues with I use left shift +4 and left shift +6 on my laptop keyboard. Left shift + 4 used to work just fine and made a dollar sign...
  16. N

    Solved! Do you need a computer for wi fi

    I would like to get rid of my computer by using the wi fi we have and connecting to the internet without having a second phone line.
  17. R

    Solved! Chrome freezes every 5-10 seconds apon startup

    Every time I launch Google Chrome it works fine for about 5 -10 seconds before everything freezes and im forced to shut it down from task manager. Nothing I've seen helped, I've reinstalled Chrome and restarted my computer but it still wont work.
  18. K

    Home Theater Computer Build Help

    I am looking to build a compact home theater computer, looking at what I googled online for parts and wondering if this is the correct components to get. Most important for me is the case and motherboard and what is important to have on it. I can spend around 750-1000...
  19. manasan3010

    Computer shutting down frequently

    I have an HPG62 laptop. The problem is when the computer is in idle, temperature is around 65°C - 75°C, when the CPU is in full overload the temperature is still pretty much the same with two or three Celsius different. But the laptop unexpectedly shuts down around this constant temperature with...
  20. N

    How can I bypass windows 7 a Intel computer with no hard drive

    How can I bypass my windows 7 laptop computer with out hard drive
  21. A

    Headset Not Working

    I Recently bought Astro a10s and have not been able to use them for pc. I tested them with my ps4 and they work fine. However when i plug it into my computer and it asks what I plugged in nothing happens. I looked into the audio settings and it is not even listed under input or output devices...
  22. F

    Computer to tv viewing

    Hooked up HDM1 cable to tv from Comp , and it only shows back ground of computer on tv, BUT if I move a icon or page it shows up umm like thats crazy HELP,, had no problem hooking on Panasonic tv and get this for me to see whats on my comp on the tv i have to move the page with my mouse << now...
  23. F

    Solved! hooked up RCA tv , HDM1 cable for comp to show on tv, shows back ground pic on tv from Comp but nothing else ??

    New RCA tv, hooked up HDM1 cable to it to show computer on tv, it shows back ground pic from Computer and thats all, no icons nothing,
  24. K

    my computer died yesterday so i went to charge the next day its black and does not show the power light please i need help

    my computer died yesterday so i went to charge the next day its black and does not show the power light please i need help /
  25. S

    Solved! Laptop won’t boot up with Battery.

    I’ve got a Toshiba C55-A 5100 laptop that won’t say running when you unplug the charger. The other day I unplugged my laptop to move to another room and noticed it shut off immediately. I tried turning it back on with the charger not plugged in with no luck. I removed the battery and...
  26. R

    A horizontal line on my screen

    I got a new computer laptop about 2 weeks ago and it has a horizontal line going across it in the middle and the bottom half of my screen works but it doesn't let me click anything. I haven't dropped it or anything so I don't know why its doing this
  27. S

    Looking to build an awesome htpc need help never built a computer

    Want to build a PC that can play DVDs and blue Ray's that I can then stream kinda like netflix to my TV with out internet as I'm in the country and dont want to pay stupid prices for satellite
  28. A

    JBL Flip 4 Sync Problem

    In our office we have 2 separate computers that connect to 2 JBL Flip 4s each. We use the sync button on the JBL speakers to sync the 2. The 2 computers/speakers are separated by about 40 feet. Initially, the 2 speakers connect to their own computer as desired. However, after some time, all 4...
  29. P

    Solved! Windows reinstallation prepering loop

    My power went out while i was installing windows and now my computer turns on, says preparing, and turns off. i do not own a dvd or isb copy of windows since this was a pre built computer. Any help would be appreciated.
  30. P

    Solved! Connecting tv speakers to a computer

    i have old speakers that my dad doesnt use anymore and was wondering if i could use them on my computer. the speakers dont use aux and only use speaker wire. would i need to buy a hifi or something like that.
  31. R

    How to View Another MacBook Pro Screen from your Own

    Need to work with someone else remotely but describing things over call is getting too complicated? The MacBook Pro comes with a nifty feature called screen sharing using which one can view the screen of another MacBook no matter how far away and also share their own screen as well. This feature...
  32. K

    Fix update issue with Dell inspiron 15 5000 series

    My Dell computer will not restart after I reset it as it says that an update is needed. I plugged it in and connected to WiFi however it still would not reset, instead going back to the start page asking for region and language.
  33. K

    Solved! Kernal Rootkit Removal/Identification?

    I have a root kit installed on my computer, I haven’t got a clue how to find it or remove it. My fear is that it is a kernel root kit and I’m pretty done for atm. If anyone can offer help then thanks. I managed to find a very suspicious file if anyone knows what it is. It’s called 4127879B...
  34. D

    Solved! 4k hdmi problem

    I have a 4k lg tv and my computer hooked up to it the computer is fine but everytime i turn it on and it works days later i get hdmi no signal i just got this tv i need help i tried restarting the tv and unplugging and nothing seem to work
  35. P

    Solved! Please help me

    My computer isn't turn on
  36. D

    Solved! my headphones show up on the playback tab but i cant hear anything through my computer or the headset when plugged in

    my computer is in acer nitro 5 my headset is plugged in and i cannot hear anything please help
  37. C

    Solved! computer coming on but nothing showing on screen

    my laptop will come on put can not see anything on does not have a battery that I can remove nor place were I can install a dvd.
  38. C

    Solved! Computer doesn't charge when on suspend

    Hi everyone, I have an Asus UX430U laptop running Ubuntu (Kernel 4.15) and I recently noticed that when i plug the computer when it is on suspend it doesn't charge anymore. However it works very well when it is powered off, or when it is powered on. I don't know where it might come from. The...
  39. C

    Microphone Poor Quality

    I recently purchased the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2's (USB headset) and was expecting them to work great, however, on my computer, the microphone quality is very muffled and just bad. I tried it on my laptop and the microphone sounded fine, so I realized it was a computer problem. I then checked in my...
  40. S

    Camera wont show photos from SD card, but computer will.. help please?????

    I have a GE X500 16.0 mega pixel camera. I finally decided to put the SD from it into my computer, I renamed the folder and then put the SD card back into my camera. But when I turned on the camera it took me to Set Date, so I set the date and went to look at the photos and it said No Pictures...
  41. 1

    Solved! Can't hear my right side of earbud on my pc

    I took a small thirty minute break from my computer but had my earbuds plugged in, which were working just fine until I got back. My right earbud has absolutely no sound, which is really weird considering I use that pair all the time. I tried looking online and tried troubleshooting and...
  42. T

    Solved! Unable To Boot Bootable Media in Bios. Win 8.1 OS

    My computer will not boot bootable drives/media. I have several bootable USB Drives but my computer will not boot them. When I enter my laptop's bios the bootable drives are listed however non drives will not boot. The drives will boot on other computers but will not do so on mine. I am...
  43. D

    Solved! How do i fix broken headphone & microphone jack; front & back panel?

    So, to put in perspective, this is an old computer, to which i'm not surprised that this happened cause it would have happened sooner or later. Both microphone and headphone jacks in the back and front panels have gone out completely, which saddens me extremely that it didn't last till i could...
  44. J

    Unlock code free

    How do I unlock my stylo4 without a computer for free
  45. H

    My hp computer is not let me login in

    Stop work and will not let me losing in
  46. I

    Solved! Can't uninstall anything.

    Hello. Recently, I have attempted to clean up my laptop and remove unwanted programs. However, I have one major problem. Something is preventing me from uninstalling any apps or programs.. When I was going through programs to uninstall, my computer constantly declined and rejected my...
  47. I

    Graphics Card wont read my monitor

    So, I have a double monitor computer. It was starting to collect too much dust inside so I decided to clean it carefully. I removed everything, including the motherboard, and put it back properly. I turned it on and it was booting normally, but later on I found out that only 1 of my monitors was...
  48. G

    Solved! Tried Uninstalling 360 Total Security, restart gives a black screen after logging into user

    I decided to uninstall 360 Total Security after finding out it isn't as reliable as it advertised. Ignorantly, I used the application's uninstaller. To secure this I restarted my computer shortly after. Now everytime I log into my computer it comes with a black screen. Moving my mouse brings up...
  49. P

    Solved! I cannot get my cloud pictures to my computer to use in product. my

    I am trying to make a book on shutterfly but need to transfer cloud pictures to my computer from my cellphone but don't know how.
  50. H

    OBS Recording Help

    So, I recently built my computer a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to record some gameplay on OBS to upload to a YouTube channel. Whenever I record however, my FPS slightly dips but I still get around 60-120 fps. Then, when I look at my recording, the quality is extremely grainy and there is...
  51. R

    Solved! How to record into my computer via the USB?

    Again, HOW do you "make sure the external USB device is set as the input"??? My device manager simply shows all devices. I can't change anything there. How do you get your computer to recognize audio inputs from the USB ports? I have a new Windows 10 HP laptop.
  52. P

    Hp laptop notebook

    Tripped over mouse chord, computer won't boot
  53. A

    Solved! Graphic Artist looking to buy SmartTV/Monitor

    Hello, looking to buy a smart TV that can also purpose as a computer monitor. I am an old-schooled Graphic Artist, Designer...Transitioning out of CS6. My house was ripped off, and all electronics were stolen...I have an Apple Macbook Pro. I am considering going for the 2'fer. smart...
  54. T

    Solved! Need alternative suggestions for DBAN to securely erase external hard drives

    I am trying to securely erase my external hard drive before I sell it. However, after buying two different copies of DBAN, I keep getting the "can't open proc cmdline" message. I am not too crazy with the idea of messing with my computer BIOS. I am not at this time planning to sell my...
  55. R

    i transfer my all huawei mobile file in my computer where my safe file also transfer in my computer.Now i want my safe file bu

    Huawei safe file is lost during transfer into my computer
  56. R

    Solved! Chromebook 3 Samsung - Was this "new" computer tampered with? Spyware, Monitoringware

    Chromebook 3 Samsung. My child received a "new" Chromebook 3 for Christmas this year. It was suppose to be bought on Black Friday. Basically, I'd like to know if anyone thinks this computer was tampered with. The box looked open prior to her opening it. It was a gift from a family member who...
  57. R

    How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important)

    How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important) am working near about 15Hrs in a day. My system Got overheating after few hours even am using extrernal fan to cool my processor.
  58. M

    Solved! Laptop holding down keys when I'm not touching keyboard

    Hello. A few hours ago, my laptop started doing a strange thing. I was using Chrome and opened a new tab. When I went to type, it acted like I was holding down certain keys (e, i, and f, a, etc.). I restarted the computer and the problem kept up. I was able to login using the on-screen keyboard...
  59. eman2002826

    Solved! Am I more likely to be hacked by a human or a computer?

    Computers will randomly guess common passwords, and combinations of words, and if they don't succeed will resort to brute force, meaning the best passwords to use against computers are long, uncommon passwords. Whereas humans are more intuitive, and can spot patterns, and use personal details...
  60. C

    Computer hard-wired is showing a lower DL speed than WIFI on my phone. But PC is showing a lower PING too? HELP!

    Need help I just got my internet upgraded to up to 400 MBPS today. Everytime I run the speed test with my computer hardwired to the router it maxes out at 90-100. If I turn on 5G wifi it drops down 60. However on my phone the DL speed shows 250-300 MBPS. (The tech who setup the internet was...