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    acer aspire 3 laptop vega 8 + radeon 535 2gb GDDR5

    Hello, i just bought an Acer laptop with ryzen 5 2500u cpu, it's equipped with the built-in vega 8 graphics + dedicated Radeon 535 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which seems like a weird combination as on paper the vega 8 seems stronger than the dedicated graphics, i'm having lots of problems...
  2. B

    help regading picking what to do with that Cash.

    i will obtain soon enough an amount Ranging from 544.55$ to 680.69 with that Cash i will be able to do the following 1) buy an Extra 970 gigabyte to Create an SLI connection with my almost 9 month old GPU(same type, the windforce). 2) get an extra Cash here and there and buy the HTC Vive...
  3. R

    7970M crossfire Vs 980m 8gb

    I've looked online but can't find a good comparison, I currently have a 7970m crossfire setup in my laptop but it was damaged and now alienware wants to replace my laptop with their new 980m 8gb single card. Is this a fair trade? can i expect same fps, or more or less. I know the driver support...
  4. D

    Crossfire 2nd gpu clock speed drop

    So I have an Alienware 18 that ive had for a while and recently ive been getting huge fps drops after a while after its booted up, so after trying many things ive finally found that the issue was that one of the gpus in my crossfire setup dropped in clock speed drastically for some reason...
  5. D

    Cannot Enable Crossfire for My Laptop

    I've done everything from setting the Global Application Settings to "High Performance" (for both Battery and Plugged In) to doing a complete fresh install of my graphics drivers. I can't see any option that allows me to enable crossfire anywhere. My Current Radeon Software Version is 16.4.1...
  6. T

    How to enable crossfire in this machine

    Guys, I have a laptop (HP pavilion g6)with AMD A6-3400M. It says that it has Radeon Dual Graphics. The Speccy gives me one ATI AMD RADEON HD 6520G and one ATI AMD RADEON HD 6470M. It also gives me that Crossfire is disabled. So, here is the question: how can I enable crossfire in this machine? I...
  7. V

    Can I run two video cards of the same kind, but differently branded in crossfire?

    My video card - The card I want - My motherboard - I'm wondering if I can run these at the same time...
  8. K

    AMD Radeon HD 8330 + AMD Radeon HD 8670M Crossfire

    I am wondering if it is possible to crossfire these graphics cards. You can see in Speccy or device manager both of two cards but AMD CCC see only the first one. The same is for example with TESV Skyrim launcher, also see only HD 8330. SS from Speccy:
  9. J

    Crossfire help msi hawk r9 270x xfx r9 270x

    My mobo is crossfire ready, in device manager seperatly i see each. When both are in it says r9 200 series, and catalyst has no option for it. I am nearly certain i have the latest drivers. I need advice please
  10. Ezo Legendz

    r9 280x crossfire - gtx 780

    I can get 2 r9 280x's for 150 euro each or 1 780 for 300 - r9 280x's perform better. I have a Cooler Master V700 On psu calculator it says reccomended wattage 677 watt and a minimum of 627W (for the entire build) - Can my PSU handle it ? or should i go with a single 780 ?
  11. S

    OC'ing R9 290 to match 290x for Crossfire

    I currently have one Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x OC and have decided to add a second card for Crossfire. I have managed to find a slightly superior card - Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-x - for more or less the same price as just another 290 Tri-x. As far as I am aware, you can Crossfire any two GPUs from...
  12. H

    can i enable crossfire while i am using AMD R5 and HD8500M on my AMD A8 laptop?

    hello i am using AMD A8 laptop with my device manager showing both display adapters as AMD Radeon HD 8500M and AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. also the SPECCY software shows the two graphic cards and states that crossfire is disabled in both. the system properties tells me that i have 6GB of available...
  13. P

    Is my pc powerfull enough to run GTA 5 on ultra without AA

    My specs are: GPU; 2X ASUS HD 7850 2GB DRR5 CROSSFIRE CPU: AMD FX 8150 RAM 8GB
  14. M

    Whats a crossfire laptop?

    I bought H1Z1 from Steam and it doesnt launch. I asked help from H1Z1 official forums and developer said that I have crossfire laptop and I should try disable crossfire rendering acceleration. I have no idea what that means? My specs: My operating system is Windows 8.1 64bit Processor: AMD A...
  15. P

    how to crossfire ati amd radeon HD 7660G and ati radeon 8670M? the application "speccy" tells that the crossfire is disabled.

    I have a hp pavillion 15 e026-ax and i have dual graphics(ATI radeon HD 7660G and ATI radeon 8670M). piriform's app 'speccy' displays that the crossfire is disabled. How do i find out if it is true? How to check the crossfire status??
  16. D

    For alienware, R9 m290x crossfire or just 1 Gtx 980m

    I just got the R9 m290x crossfire from my friend, but then I am keep thinking which graphic will be better, the Gtx 980m or 2 m290x from Amd. the m290x is 18.4 inch screen and 980m will be 17 inch with 3D touchscreen I doesn't care about the battery since it will be plugged in most of the...
  17. S

    Is there something wrong with my Motherboard?

    I am now attempting to run 2 r9 270x in crossfire, but I can't enable crossfire because the AMD CrossfireX tab does not appear in my control center. I am running the system with a 970A-G46, does it have anything to do with the motherboard?
  18. N

    5870m crossfire gpu clocks stuck

    So I picked up an alienware m17x r2 at a discount store. It's an early 2010 model and the configuration includes a crossfire 5870m. I've been trying to play stuff on this but the games I play have such low fps that they are nearly unplayable. The gpu temps looks reasonable using gpu-z here...
  19. cm0scm0s

    Is there a crossfire laptop ?

    Are there crossfire laptops atm ? like with m290x or m295x If there are , do they deliver more fps than 980m sli ?
  20. S

    Exteame overheating laptop plz help =(

    my laptop GPU overheat to killer heat even desktops can't take that heat my laptop Alienwere M18xR2 spes CPU Core I7 3630QM 4 cores 2.40Ghz Turbo on 3.40Ghz now GPU AMD HD 7970M 2x Crossfire RAM 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz HDD 1TB SSD 64GB Samsung 840 Windows 8.1 64bit latest AMD drivers right now 14.7 no...
  21. C

    Dual Graphics Crossfire AMD Laptops. (AMD ONLY).

    So I currently have a dual graphics laptop. Its thermal margin is at 30c (British Measurement not Fahrenheit). The Tjmax is 100c. Does this mean it is doing 70c on idle? The CPU is A10 4655m with 7620g GPU. The dedicated Graphics is 8670m 2GB. HP already want it back since it is doing like...
  22. S

    Searching an amazin headset

    Hello guys I am searching a amazing headset for a budget of 100 euro. The games that i play are 100% shooters ( CS:GO, CS , Crossfire) hope you guys have some ideas Sirkaruto
  23. T

    Laptop Search Help

    Okay, so I'm only 15 so I don't have some huge budget but I'm working Summer Youth which pays 300$ every 2 weeks for 6 weeks and I honestly just want a laptop that can run the game Crossfire from z8games with no problems but for a decent price. Help? I also have a Dell Inspiron 1545 but it's...
  24. D

    AMD A10 5800k crossfire

    Im running an amd a10 5800k apu, i initially went with this because i was on a budget. But now i have the money to buy a graphics card to boost my performance. Im wondering if i should crossfire the apu with a compatible gpu Is that a good idea ? Or is crossfire not worth it, ive heard its not...
  25. W

    AMD CCC Keeps Crashing

    I have been trying to get Dayz SA to run with crossfire. I found something that seems to be the solution for many others. I added Dayz.exe to the 3D Application Settings and when i go to the bottom and try to change what crossfire mode i want to use, CCC just crashes. Any ideas on how to fix...
  26. R

    can i crossfire radeon 6570 and radeon hd 6550D

    processor : amd a8-3870 unlock vga: radeon hd 6570 can i crossfire radeon 6570 and radeon hd 6550D ?
  27. T

    About this crossfire deal.

    I currently own a Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 2GB DDR5, and planning to get a 290x, is there a way for me to use them together or 5870 is trash?
  28. M

    Help me choose my budget gaming laptop please!

    Hey guys i found these laptops all around in my $600 price range 1. Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440 - $549 (Refurbed, Highlight: 1tb, Touchscreen and MD Radeon HD 8650G) 2. Acer Aspire V5-552P-8646 (Refurbished) - $439 (Highlight: AMD R...
  29. B

    apu a4-5000 with multi gpu can i crossfire

    i have amd apu a4-5000 with gpu hd 8330 / and 8670m ...however, i wanna ask about something ,,, can i crossfire between thos those gpu ... also gpu-z shows crossfire: disabled (crossfire available ) is that mean i can crossfire note: i download the latest amd software but i cant see the...
  30. J

    Static From Headphones after trying to Crossfire Two Radeon 5870 Graphics Cards

    I recently purchased a second Radeon 5870 Graphics card. I set up the crossfire between the two in my computer and the video works perfect, but when I plug my headphones in (Turtle Beach X12) I get a static sound and nothing else. I thought it was just the new graphics card, but when I removed...
  31. M

    Bad GPU or LCD?

    First off, I'm computer literate so no layman's terms are required for this answer. Second: The laptop is a HP Envy M6-1148ca. The laptop (see pics) has a problem with the LCD where it shows nothing but vertical lines all over the screen! The laptop works fine on an external monitor...
  32. W

    r9 290 Crossfire + HD 7970 All in One Case

    Hello there, so I am looking to purchase two r9 290s to put into crossfire. I currently have an HD 7970. The following are the PC components I would have for this setup. GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard (link to motherboard)...
  33. S

    HD 8750M + HD 8650G VS GT 740M for school and gaming

    I was looking at the HP ENVY 15t/z-j000 and I configured one with A10-5750M and HD 8750M 1GB Crossfire HD 8650G and the other with Intel i5-3230M and GT 740M 2GB. Their prices are the same so thats not a problem but im wondering which is better for modern gaming (med+ 720p 30fps). Also Ive been...
  34. hrath

    Best Headphones for me to get?

    So I was thinking of buying new headphones- in descending order of price these are the ones I have come up with (I only have $200), which is the best to get? I am sort of an audiophile (love listening to high quality music) and it will be used for gaming A LOT (although not usually FPS), but...
  35. C

    Issue with new crossfire setup

    So I got my second 6970 today and think I might be doing something wrong. I've got an AMD octo-core at 3.8 ghz. 8 gigs of ram Windows 8 64 bit 950 watt PSU I've got both cards plugged in properly with a crossfire cable, they're detected in CCC and crossfire is enabled. But when I tried some...
  36. J

    8970m crossfire additional cooling? Getting this laptop with 8970m crossfire, what additional cooling will I need? I upgraded to the IC diamond thermal compound, I will get a notebook cooler...anything else? Don't want this thing to overheat..
  37. Sonicbounty50

    Unlocking Catalyst limits for Crossfire?

    I have been able to unlock the limits in Catalyst in order to overclock further before, but only when I had a single card installed. Now that I have a crossfire setup going. (2 HIS IceQ 6950s) I was wondering if it was possible to unlock CCC limits for both cards? With the last method i used, i...
  38. rishiswaz

    Bitcoin mining in crossfire

    I have a system with a Radeon HD 7870 dedicated just for bitcoin mining, the motherboard supports 2 way crossfire so I ordered another one, there are 2 full length PCIe 2.0 slots, one is at x16 and the other at x8 speed. I just ordered another 7870 and was wondering if I should set up each card...
  39. BeeBahBoo

    Drivers for CF'X 6870s

    I've had multiple problems with the last 4 or so revisions of the amd drivers. Some seem to work for awhile, and then I discover 3+ games that cause the driver to crash. So my question is, what is the best driver for a crossfire HD6870 setup? Modded drivers, perhaps? To me it seems like AMD...
  40. E

    What's the best SLI or Crossfire laptop for gaming?

    Doesn't have to come already SLI or Crossfire, just wondering which laptops are the best for SLI or Crossfire.
  41. Darksol

    AMD 7670m hybrid crossfire question

    So I have the Dell Inspiron 15R which has an AMD 7670m and an Intel HD 4000. I know that AMD discrete GPUs and iGPUs can be in hybrid crossfire. My question is that is it possible to do the same with the AMD 7670m and the Intel HD 4000
  42. R

    Is useing hybrid xfire

    Hello, I am looking at this laptop on newegg. Reading the reviews I see people saying it is crossfire, but my understand of how the hybrid crossfire works is jest what I have read. An very lacking. So can someone help me out and tell me if this is or is not...
  43. H

    M17x or m18x?

    Hello everybody, long story short I cant decide whether to get the AMD 7970M in an M17x or to get the 7970M crossfire with an M18x. I plan on using this computer for about 3 years - or the normal life of a laptop. I like all games but my old laptop struggles with some MMO's like Aion and Rift...
  44. H

    amd crossfire?

    I recently purchased this laptop: I have also read about something called crossfire, which seems to me like utilizing both gpus (dedicated and...
  45. D

    Graphics for Laptop

    will the amd 6620g and the amd 7690m crossfire
  46. J

    Asus a43ta artefact after hybrid crossfire

    hi all,,, recently i had asus a43ta,, here is the spesification : the problem is, after enabling hybrid crossfire there is artefact in playing game, but if the hybrid crossfire off, i can play the game smooth thank you all
  47. M

    Crossfire Help

    I recently ordered a Sapphire Toxic 6950 with the hope/expectation it will unlock the shaders and become a slightly underclocked 6970. My intention was to pick up another one this holiday season for crossfire. However, it seems that shortly after getting the first one, the product is...
  48. PCgamer81

    Question about the Alienware M18X

    I know that one of the options for the M18X is the 6970 in crossfire. On this youtube video I see an M18x running Metro 2033. It is not using fraps, and the user does not show if he has DOF and TES on or not - which tells me he doesn't. In my opinion...
  49. FoldingZebra

    6950 Unlcoked crossfire question

    I have an a 6950 2GB Dirt 3 card. The one I got was an Antilies, wich does not unlock. I ordered another one today and was wondering if it is a Cayman and I can unlock it, Could I still crossfire the cards? One having more shaders than the other. I also can send back my Antilies and hope to...
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  51. B

    Do ALL 6950s have the ability to unlock or is it a chance thing?

    in other words, is there a chance that my 6950 wont be able to unlock to 6970? if so, what are the success odds? also, if i run crossfire with two cards, do they both need to be unlocked for them to work together properly? P.S. sorry if this has been asked before... i couldn't find anything
  52. S

    SLI/Crossfire & Single/Dual

    1) How is GTX 485M different from 485M SLI, and HD 6970 from 6970CF (other than cost of course)? 2) Why is it when looking at laptops' specs their GPU never seem to offer the SLI or CF options? 3) What is the difference (in terms of performance for a laptop etc.) in having a single GPU...
  53. charon711

    Cpu bottleneck gpu question

    would this(assuming i dont unlock the cores) bottleneck with this? what about in crossfire?
  54. B


    I think this is the right category... if not feel free to move it Right so, I'm not sure exactly which program is telling the truth. I am running 2 gfx cards in cross-fire (or so I think). I have catalyst control center crossfire ticked on; device manager shows two graphics cards, yet when I...
  55. trenna187

    M17x- R3?

    Hi Guys, I hope i am posting this into the right area, my question is fairly basic and trivial, but i need some direction. I am curious to know if Alienware have released 5870 in crossfire in any laptops yet, BUT, i mean 2 5870 cards in 1 unit. I have seen many people with M17x-R2 in there...
  56. E

    Mobility Radeon HD 5780 x2 (in crossfire)?

    Has anyone heard of laptops with Mobility Radeon HD 5780 x2 (in crossfire)? Is this the config to wait for with the new i7?
  57. G

    Sapphire 790gx 550 be unlock 3 4 cores

    having trouble unlocking the extra cores on sapphire pure crossfire 790gx mobo and 550 be cpu... when i enable ACC it shows 4 cores is this normal? or does it mean that these are unlocked, when i boot into windows it only shows 2 cores im confused help please
  58. Maziar


    Hello all :) hope u are fine :) Well AW recently released M17 laptop which has very good specs. It supports Core2Duos and the new Core2Quad with 2xHD 3870s in CrossFire(i wonder why they call it CrossFireX) so here is it ...